LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Netier Technologies will preview its new Linux thin-client operating system at COMDEX/Fall '99 November 15-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada in booth L3577.

Netier's new embedded Linux-powered NetXpress(TM) thin clients enable traditional server-based functionality via Citrix ICA(R) protocol in conjunction with Citrix MetaFrame(TM) and WinFrame(R) server-based computing software. Netier's Linux operating system also offers an RDP(TM) Client to enable an RDP connection to servers running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server, Terminal Server Edition.

The new Linux thin-client operating system was developed based on feedback from Netier customers, a portion of whom operate in native UNIX or Linux environments. Embedded Linux in NetXpress thin clients enables Netier customers to retain the characteristics of their "X-based" computing environments while also taking advantage of Windows(R) and other applications via Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame.

The leading thin-client hardware and software innovator, Netier designed its embedded Linux operating system to offer features and functionality not available from terminal manufacturers. Another industry first, Netier's Rapport Administrative Software enables administrators to use a common tool for managing Windows-based terminals, thin clients and PC's from Netier and other manufacturers. Rapport provides comprehensive management of the new Linux-powered NetXpress thin clients. At an estimated street price starting at $685, the Linux-based NetXpress thin client is priced competitively with standard Windows-based terminals.

"Our 'X-based' customers asked us for a Linux-based NetXpress thin-client desktop, and we delivered," said Thomas Offutt, Netier vice president of sales and marketing. "Combining the benefits of thin-client/server computing with the Linux operating system yields outstanding application flexibility and performance."

Netier's Linux-based NetXpress thin client boasts the following features:

            --   Remote boot from server support
            --   Citrix ICA Client

            --   XRDP Client

            --   Client-side audio support

            --   Local FVWM95 Windows(R) Manager

            --   Support for Remote Windows Manager and XDM

            --   Samba(R) and NFS support for file system requirements

            --   Font and RGB server support

            --   Session shadowing support based on AT&T's Virtual Network
          Computing (VNC) technology

            --   Standard ANSI terminal emulation

            --   Full Netscape(R) Communicator(TM) 4.5 (optional) with:

                 --   Netscape Navigator(TM)Internet browser

                 --   Netscape Messenger(TM) email with POP, IMAP and
               MOVEMAIL support

                 --   Netscape Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

                 --   Optional support for plug-ins, such as Adobe(R)
               Acrobat(R) Reader and RealNetworks(R) RealPlayer(R)

            --   Comprehensive terminal emulation suite

            --   Full enterprise thin-client desktop management via Rapport
          Administrative Software(TM)

            --   Screen resolution up to 1280 x 1024

            --   8-144MB flash / 16-128MB RAM

Netier is known for its customer-driven design philosophy, which led to the development and introduction of a full version of embedded Windows NT 4.0 Workstation for its NetXpress thin clients in October 1998. Netier has also applied its software development expertise to create the embedded Linux thin client operating system, both due to customer demand and compatibility with existing applications in certain vertical markets.

About Netier

Netier Technologies, Inc. engineers and manufactures award-winning thin clients with centralized management software, optimized servers and innovative flash-embedded applications. Based in Carrollton, Texas, Netier markets its end-to-end thin-client/server solutions to businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. The first and only manufacturer to offer embedded Windows NT(R) 4.0 Workstation for thin clients, Netier has deployed its products worldwide in a variety of computing environments. Netier's address on the World Wide Web is http://www.netier.com.

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