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Story Filed: Monday, November 22, 1999 8:00 AM EST

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov 22, 1999 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Expanding its video systems product line, FVC.COM (Nasdaq: FVCX) today introduced a content distribution device that delivers streamed video, audio, images and text across broadband networks. The V-Kiosk provides remote scheduling and management of content originating from various sources, including live satellite feeds, stored digital archives, third party content and live broadcast.

Video kiosks are used in environments that require timely information distribution throughout a location, such as retail stores, airports, theaters, educational campuses and healthcare facilities. The traditional method for content distribution has been cable television networks (CATV), which are costly and do not easily allow custom-tailoring of content. The V-Kiosk allows organizations to distribute content over their existing data networks, rather than requiring a separate CATV network. The V-Kiosk leapfrogs the capabilities of CATV distribution by providing enormous flexibility to tailor content to fit the needs of the time, audience, special event, etc. -- all at lower cost.

The V-Kiosk scheduler software enables easy remote management of the kiosk network including setting up program schedules. Once scheduled, programming is streamed to network-attached television outputs. Each television can play a completely different schedule, or they can be grouped into "channels" that play the same content using the same schedule, making it easy to schedule a large number of kiosks simultaneously.

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, Calif. has implemented the V-Kiosk to schedule and broadcast continuous programming in their public areas. "The V-Kiosk is the ideal programming solution for organizations that want to leverage their digital video archives and deliver tailor-made programming easily," explains Mike Drennan, Exhibit Engineer for the Tech Museum. "I can distribute any combination of content in any order to any networked television. There is no way I would have that flexibility with a traditional cable television system."

"The V-Kiosk is another indication of our commitment to innovation in the video networking space," says Allwyn Sequeira, EVP of Products for FVC.COM. "By leveraging broadband networks for applications such as content distribution, our customers can exploit network convergence and reap the benefits of increased quality for lower costs."

Pricing and Availability Pricing for the V-Kiosk starts at $10,500 for a single-channel unit, and is available starting December 1, 1999 through FVC.COM distribution channels worldwide.

About FVC.COM FVC.COM is the world leader in broadband video networking. Founded in 1993 by technology pioneer Ralph Ungermann, FVC.COM designs, manufactures and supports a wide family of products for real-time interactive video, streamed video and broadband access. Designed for high-quality video delivery integrated with voice and data, these products enable applications such as video calls, video conferences, video mail, conference overflow and video events. FVC.COM has an installed base of 20,000 broadband video seats worldwide.

FVC.COM's OEM, distribution, and system integration partners include Bell Atlantic Network Integration, British Telecommunications plc, EDS, France Telecom, IBM, Lucent Technologies, NEC, Nortel Networks, Telstra and other leading companies worldwide. Further information about the company is available at http://www.fvc.com .

For more information on FVC.COM, at no cost, please call 1-800-PRO-INFO (U.S.) or 732-544-2850 (int'l), ticker symbol FVCX.

SOURCE FVC.COM (C) 1999 PR Newswire. All rights reserved. http://www.prnewswire.com

CONTACT: Elyse Phillips, Director of Corporate Communications of

FVC.COM, 408-567-7230, [email protected]; or General, Don Markley, or Analysts, Kristi Larson, both of The Financial Relations Board, 415-986-1591

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