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UK GOVERNMENT: GBP 53 million boost for childcare across England -- Hodge

Story Filed: Wednesday, December 01, 1999 4:35 PM EST

DEC 1, 1999, M2 Communications - Mrs Hodge also announced two initiatives to provide better information to parents about childcare places. The new ChildcareLink: a national information line and website, and a pilot programme of touchscreen Childcare Information Kiosks in supermarkets, Post Offices and doctors' surgeries.

Speaking at the Daycare Trust's and DfEE's 'Childcare Now - The Next Steps' conference Mrs Hodge said:

"A total of 148,000 new places are expected to have been created by March 2000. At least 100,000 more are expected over the following year. Local Partnerships are the engine driving our childcare and Early Years Education revolution.

"Today's GBP53 million will be spent by the Partnerships on a whole range of childcare initiatives including: creating more childcare places, training for childcare workers, quality assurance and toy libraries. GBP3 million will be targeted at expanding childcare services for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

"The new childcare information services will help parents match their childcare needs to childcare places. Whether it's from a phone in their own home or at the office, or while they are shopping at ASDA, Tescos or Safeways parents will have a quick and easy way of finding out about a whole range of childcare and early years services available locally.

"Furthermore, the introduction of the Working Families Childcare Tax Credit means parents can afford good quality childcare. There have already been 700,000 inquiries about the WFTC with 400,000 applications for it."

Colette Kelleher, Director of The Daycare Trust said:

"The Daycare Trust welcomes the launch of ChildcareLink and have been pleased to be a part of its development. It will help families by providing them with information and guidance to find the best childcare for their children. It will enable thousands of families to return to work confidently in the knowledge that their children are in safe hands."

Notes to the Editors

1. Of the GBP53 million, GBP9 million has been allocated to help existing good quality schemes that would otherwise be in danger of closing.

2. The GBP53 million is 20% more than the GBP44 million allocated to Partnerships across England this year. It is part of the GBP334 million committed to the National Childcare Strategy over five years.

EYDCPs received GBP12 million in 1998-99 to take forward work on their audits of childcare supply and demand. These audits will be updated this year.

4. The Planning Guidance for 2000-2001 was distributed to EYDCPs in September.

5. Other funding which has already been announced for early years and childcare includes: GBP390 million available between September 1999 and March 2002 to expand the number of free early education places in England, and GBP540 million for Sure Start in the United Kingdom (GBP450 million in England).

6. Annex A shows a breakdown of the GBP53m funding for each Partnership.

7. The freephone ChildcareLink national information line number is 08000 9602 96. It will direct parents to their local Children's Information Service. It will also send out leaflets on childcare and early education options. Lines are open six days a week from 9 - 9pm Monday to Friday and from 9 - 12pm on Saturdays.

8. The ChildcareLink Website address is

www.childcarelink.gov.uk which will allow users to search for childcare in selected areas. 28 sites out of 128 in England will be live on Decmeber 1 1999. Full coverage is planned by March 2000.

9. The Childcare Information Kiosks pilots are in Asda in Long Benton in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Safeway in Peterborough, in a community centre in March, Cambridgeshire and at TESCO, Post Office Counters and the Manor House Health Centre Feltham. There will also be street based kiosks in Sheffield.


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