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Tiger Eye announces launch of Interactive Tourism Network

Dateline: Monday, December 6, 1999
Subject: Tiger Eye Productions Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk Systems & Centre County (PA) CVB

PA/CT based Tiger Eye Productions announced today that the Centre County (PA) will be the first location in the country to install the Tiger Eye’s Interactive Tourism Network series of Touchscreen interactive tourism Kiosks. The ITN is designed to serve the needs of business travelers, conventioners, and vacationers alike by providing instant access to information on travel and tourism services in the communities it serves. Tiger Eye president Steve Franco was quoted as saying “the ITN is an all in one solution for Travel Centers, bus stations, CVBs, rest areas and other public facilities.” The systems will both improve customer service as well as cash flow and visibility for the centers they are in. Tourists, Business Travelers, Long-Haul Truckers and just about every other traveler needs help planing and executing a trip. Tiger Eye’s Interactive Tourism Network of kiosks and websites will provide accurate, up to date information about the areas they are visiting, and help them plan return trips to Centre County, PA.

Setting itself apart from the competition, Tiger Eye’s interactive system comes standard with the most advanced technology on the market. More than just video players, Tiger Eye kiosks come ready to serve as pay per use or free internet access stations, GIFT CERTIFICATE vending systems, 3-d Virtual Reality tours, Frequent Buyer programs, Convention/Tradeshow modules, and more. In addition, the systems offer 3 onboard diagnostic systems to maintain operational stability and prevent crashes. Finally, the system can communicate with external X-10 devices (Plug and Power units at Radio Shack) to allow for control of lights, motors, blowers, and more.

Tiger Eye plans to market the system through Convention and Tourism Bureaus, travel center chains, hotels and Business Associations. For more information call Steve at 860 525 5005

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Ramada Inn State College selects  TigerVision for in-room TV system
Dateline: Monday, December 6, 1999
Subject: All Digital In Room Information TV System

Ramada Inn State College (PA) has selected the Tiger Eye Productions TigerVision all-digital video server to provide an in-room Hotel InfoChannel via the cable TV system. Designed and installed by Tiger Eye President Steve Franco, the system is capable of continuously delivering Hotel information to every room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and uses NO VIDEOTAPE. For less than $5,000, the Tiger Vision system comes ready to hold more than 5 hours of full screen full motion video (with stereo audio), along with still graphics, text overlays, and computer generated date-time insertion pages. Also included is a complete video digitizing/editing studio, Graphics software, several wipe/dissolve/cut transitions and is impervious to the dreaded Y2K virus because it is Macintosh based. The system is so advanced it can even schedule the media years in advance, allowing for the automatic rerunning of annual and holiday messages.

Attaching in minutes to your cable-company provided Audio/Video modulator (or Tiger Eye can provide one for you), the system can be out of the box and running within a half hour. The systems offer 3 onboard diagnostic systems to maintain operational stability and prevent crashes, and can come pre-loaded with media custom-designed for your facility. The system is perfect for hoteliers replacing an older tape-based system, or looking for an affordable way to deliver timely information to hotel guests.

Tiger Eye plans to market the system starting in early December. For more information call Steve at 860 525 5005

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