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Elo TouchSystems to debut enhanced touch-iMac at Macworld

Staff Report, [email protected]
December 15, 1999, 3:00 am ET

During next month's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Elo TouchSystems will be debuting and demonstrating a newly enhanced version of its touch-screen iMac (dubbed iTouch). The new device will carry a brighter screen and better accuracy for touch sensitivity.

Elo tells MacCentral its new display, which has no-overlay screen, allows for a clearer, brighter and more durable anti-reflective display which is "ideal for the numerous markets, including retail, education and medical."

"This new version of the iMac platform builds upon the success of the previous version, and now with even more features, it makes it the perfect solution for a tabletop interactive display or kiosk." officials told MacCentral.

Recently, one of Apple's two primary distributors (Pinacor Corp.) announced that it will be carrying a touch-screen iMac developed by Elo TouchSystems Inc. The device was voted by the resellers as "Best of Show" at the annual Pinacor Apple Reseller Forum, held Nov. 4-7, 1999.

More information is available from http://www.elotouch.com.

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