Dell And The Mighty Mo Memorial                        
                         (Newsbytes; 01/29/99)                         

 HONOLULU, HAWAII, U.S.A., 1999 JAN 29 (Newsbytes) -- By Craig Menefee, 
Newsbytes. Fifty-five years ago, on Jan. 29, 1944, the battleship USS Missouri 
was launched at the New York Navy Yard. Today the Battleship Missouri Memorial 
was to open in Honolulu to honor the now decommissioned ship, and Dell Computer 
Corp. [NASDAQ:DELL] was crowing about high-tech gear the firm has contributed 
to the project.

  Sailors in the US fleet for many years referred to the huge ship as the 
"Mighty Mo." The ship's decommissioning was resisted by some US factions at the 

  Dell, based in Round Rock, Tex., has done a lot of business with the US Navy 
over the years and, said the firm, the contribution of 32 new computer systems 
to the USS Missouri Memorial Association is a gesture of appreciation.

  The Dell donation consisted of 30 of the firm's newest built-to-order 
OptiPlex GX1 desktop PCs and two PowerEdge workgroup servers to support them. 
The systems run Intel Pentium II 400 megahertz (MHz) processors and have 15-
inch monitors.

  Said Ro Parra, senior vice president and general manager of the firm's Public 
Americas and International Group, "As a longtime partner and provider of 
computer systems for the US Navy Fleet, we're very proud to be helping the USS 
Missouri Memorial Association succeed with its efforts to preserve the historic 
Mighty Mo for the world to enjoy."

  Don Hess, the Association's vice president of operations, stated, "Dell has 
been wonderful to work with and a super partner in providing us with critical 
equipment for the Memorial."

  Dell says the donated computers will be used to help the Association make its 
operations more efficient. Most of them will be installed in multimedia kiosks 
at key locations around the ship, in a project slated for completion by the end 
of the year. The kiosks will run full-motion videos telling the ship's story, 
and giving physically challenged visitors virtual access to difficult-to-reach 
shipboard areas like compartments deep inside the ship or several stories up, 
on the flying bridge.

  Hess says the computers will also be used by the Association staff to build a 
network to link the main office with the Mighty Mo itself. Two computers will 
be located on the ship's Flag Bridge, where visitors will be able to see a list 
of the Memorial's donors.

  Though the Mighty Mo supported American forces in three wars during its half-
century of use, it is still best known as the site where General Douglas 
MacArthur and the Allied Forces accepted Japan's unconditional surrender on 
Sept. 2, 1945, ending World War II.

  Dell is on the World Wide Web at .

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