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For Immediate Release………………….................................................……………………………May 18, 1998


Virtual Mailboxes at Your Local Mailboxes Etc?

Vancouver, Canada…You can now store more than your mail now at Mailboxes Etc... Info Touch is conducting a trial run of public access kiosks with the top three mailboxes franchises in Canada. Fully functional pay per use Internet Kiosks were recently installed at the Vancouver International Airport and two at the Whistler Ski Resort.

The Internet kiosks installed feature a full service regiment of email, web browsing and photo email. The kiosks are all managed by Info Touch's Netlock Software, one of the world's leading software packages for standalone Internet terminals. "There is no doubt that the real value in this application is in the software", affirms President Jeff Snider, "Netlock's unique ability to track usage and administer memberships is truly ground-breaking". Netlock enables end-users the ability to bank their pre-purchased time and use it at will with the use of a password. This offers end users the ability to get the most out of the Internet on a consistent basis without the use of a home computer.

"Initial results of the kiosks have been quite favorable...", reports Hamed Shahbazi, CEO of Info Touch, "daily usage figures have been hovering around the $35/day mark" (usage rates range from $0.20 - $0.25 per minute of time). Mail Boxes Etc clients find the service fast, fun and easy.

The kiosks are physically constructed at Info Touch's manufacturing plants in Burnaby and Surrey BC. Each kiosk is prepared for public usage with the use of a durable compact keyboard and Glidepoint mouse by Cirque. All components are securely embedded in the kiosk enclosure using state of the art CNC, CAD/CAM manufacturing technology.

About Cirque - Cirque, founded in 1991, is the leading provider of touchpads worldwide. Cirque Glidepoint Control is used by 50% of laptop providers. Cirque's products are distributed to markets throughout the United States, Canada, and over 30 countries on five continents through top distributors and key national retailers. Additional information on Cirque Corporation can be obtained by calling 888-TOUCH-90 in the United States or 801-467-1100 or by visiting the company's web site at

About Mailboxes Etc... - "Mail Boxes Etc. is committed to providing services tailored to the needs of small-business workers and road warriors," said James H. Amos Jr., president and

CEO of Mail Boxes Etc. "Having Internet access available at MBE centers and in other convenient locations is particularly important to today's workers. We anticipate additional uses for Microsoft Internet Explorer as we continue to develop technology-based services for our customers."

About Info Touch Technologies Corp. - Info Touch is a leading kiosk solutions provider; one of its key guiding principles is to bring the Internet down to the street level. Founded in 1992, it has developed the world's premier cybercafe/ Internet Kiosk Security and management software package; Netlock. Info Touch partners with organizations worldwide effectively improving their position in the marketplace through the use of value-added kiosk applications.


For Information please contact:

Mr. Hamed Shahbazi - Chief Executive Officer

Info Touch Technologies Corporation

Direct tel.: (604) 298-4636

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