I-Gate Sites Offer Fast, Easy, On-Line Access to a Robust Database of Current Information

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 21, 1999--Interactive Media Systems (IMS), a leading producer of interactive, multimedia information systems, announces its Regional Information Gateway and I-Gate programs. The Regional Information Gateway is an interactive source of dynamic information that is accessible via the Internet through the web site at www.igate.org and at specific I-Gate kiosks located at strategic locations throughout the western Pennsylvania region.

Residents, tourists, and visitors who are serviced by the Regional Information Gateway will be able to quickly and easily obtain a wealth of information related to dining, entertainment, sports activities, musical performances, and other venues.

Bob DiGioia, IMS president, says, ``Our objective is to offer easy access to a rich source of data. Users can log on from work, home, or at a touch-screen I-Gate kiosk. The system is a virtual solution to the question of `What's going on in Pittsburgh and around Western Pennsylvania?'''

The I-Gate project promotes businesses specifically in the City of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania in general. ``We believe,'' adds DiGioia, ``that the program will help attract economic development as well as define Pittsburgh as a vital site for technological innovation. The I-Gate project is a win-win proposition. The community benefits, the businesses benefit, and the user benefits.''

Businesses and communities that host or sponsor I-Gate kiosks benefit through the ability to promote themselves, thus leveraging their sales and marketing for prospective new business. Convenience is the main benefit for visitors and tourists. Ron Gdovic, Executive Director of Three Rivers Connect, a Pittsburgh-based economic development organization, says, ``The ability to easily access current information about events, hotels, and other activities going on in the region is fantastic. We are working closely with IMS to expand the I-Gate program so that more of population of the area benefits.''

I-Gate Project organizers include representatives from the western Pennsylvania region, airports, convention centers, libraries, hospitals, universities, hotels, restaurants, museums, stadiums PAT transit, government, and three Rivers Connect.

Phase One of I-Gate includes installing the initial base of kiosks in non-profit centers that will be sponsored by grants and foundations. Sites can include the Pittsburgh International Airport, City/County Building, stadiums and arenas, the Zoo, The Aviary, The Conservatory, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Robert Morris College, Duquesne University, H. J. Heinz Museum, The Science Center, The Benedum, Carnegie Library, Allegheny General Hospitals, and UPMC Health Center Hospitals.

Once Phase One is established, Phase Two will begin the implementation of corporate-funded kiosks into major businesses in western Pennsylvania. Motels and hotels, malls, Kennywood, Sandcastle, Idlewild Park, Gateway Clipper Fleet, Seven Springs, Grove City shops, movie theaters, car dealers, restaurants, PPG, Oxford Center, One Mellon Place, Fifth Avenue Place, and major office complexes will be targeted.

About IMS

IMS was founded in 1994 by two Carnegie Mellon Alumni, Robert J. DiGioia and Sanjay Akut and soon after became a leader in producing interactive multimedia information systems with an emphasis on kiosks and Internet integration. Its management team stems from a combined expertise in management, multimedia production, and information systems. IMS has alliances with The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Three Rivers Connect, The City of Pittsburgh, Monroeville Mall, Harry Henninger of Kenny wood Park, Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the Beaver County Tourism Bureau. For more information, visit the web site at www.imsarc.com or at www.igate.org for more information on the Regional Information Gateway.

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