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Press Contact: Julie Bower, Rivercalm. Tel: 020 7665 1636. Email: [email protected]

Mobile Payments Solution Unveiled at Intel's UK Solutions Centre

Stratus and Mosaic Software Demonstrate Latest Banking Solution

Intel Solutions Lab, Reading England, 7th January 2002 - Stratus and its banking solutions partner, Mosaic Software UK, recently demonstrated a joint commitment to providing a fully-integrated Mobile Payments solution that leverages a best-of-breed approach to product selection.

The out-of-the-box solution offers Postilion Realtime as the online authorization, transaction switching and terminal-driving application running on Stratus ftServer fault-tolerant Windows 2000 servers. The solution enables a fast, cost-effective route to mobile online authorization.

By using Thyron Technologies' PayCell mobile Point of Sale (POS) terminal, payments transactions can be authorized online anywhere a standard mobile carrier signal can be detected, thus offering the benefits of online security in environments where a fixed line connection is not an option.

Built using Intel® Pentium III Xeon™ processors and supporting the Microsoft® Windows 2000 operating system, the Stratus ftServer series provides the powerful option of a fault-tolerant family of servers at industry-standard prices. The inherent reliability of the hardware's fault-tolerant design, which includes both dual- modular redundancy and triple-modular redundancy, integrated with unique software-availability features and service technology, prevents downtimes and data loss and protects users and applications from component outages.

Peter Rist, Partner Business Manager at Microsoft Ltd, who was on hand to watch the demonstration, observed "This Mobile Payments solution is extremely impressive, particularly since it deploys Windows 2000 and SQL 2000 as a sound foundation for 24x7 mission critical systems".

When a payment authorization request is initiated the transaction is transmitted securely as GSM data over the wireless network to a Postilion GSM Gateway. The gateway acts as a 'concentrator' for mobile devices, passing the request to a Postilion Realtime funds authorization server. The authorization server either authorizes that transaction locally or switches it to the card issuer. From the perspective of the cardholder the transaction appears just like any other Point of Sale transaction, even to the point of allowing PIN entry where required.

Steve Whiting of Mosaic Software UK says, "This exciting development demonstrates that by combining the Postilion Realtime application with Microsoft Windows 2000 and Stratus ftServer hardware we are now able to offer a shrink-wrapped industrial strength solution that readily meets today's fast changing mobile EFTPOS business requirements. We are particularly pleased to see the emergence of real-world examples of mobile payments and pre- payments over GSM and GPRS that are enabled in conjunction with Postilion Realtime by devices such as Thyron's PayCell."

About Mosaic Software

Mosaic Software is a leading edge provider of electronic funds transfer (EFT) software for consumer-generated electronic transactions, and is the market leader for web-enabled ATM and prepay software solutions. The company is held by strategic partners GE Equity and Comparex Holdings, and Mosaic Software management. With offices in the UK, the US, South Africa and Australia, Mosaic Software has a strong global presence.

The company is firmly established in the financial services industry and its EFT solutions drive operations in a large number of multinational companies and industry leaders around the globe. Clients include financial institutions, retailers, Internet service providers, card issuers, telcos, data processing service providers and some of the foremost players in the emerging online industry.

Mosaic Software's European clients include Retail Decisions (ReD), Transaction Network Services, Royal Sun Alliance, GE, and Ashburn UAB.

For further information please seeMosaic Software

About Stratus

Stratus Technologies offers a proven range of continuously available computer platforms, application solutions, professional services, and technologies for mission-critical business operations. Many Stratus customers are highly visible industry leaders such as prominent U.S. securities firms, major credit card companies, the largest stock exchange in Asia, the largest options exchange in the world, and 15 out of the world's 20 largest banks. The Stratus 24-7 Technologies Division licenses technology for fault tolerance to technology companies. Stratus has offices and a comprehensive network of customer service centers worldwide, and 1,100 employees.

For further information please see:Stratus

Press Contact: Kirstina Reitan, AUGUST.ONE COMMUNICATIONS. Tel: 020 8434 5559 Email: [email protected]

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software -- any time, any place and on any device.

For further information please seeMicrosoft

About Thyron Technologies

Thyron Technologies is the market leading supplier of Mobile Payment Solutions. The company's advanced range of products includes PayCell, which is the only mobile, portable or fixed payment terminal which is independent of communications networks, card technologies and geographical location; and Financer, a family of intelligent, programmable, portable hand-held card processing terminals for portable EFTPoS, retail, electronic commerce and electronic banking.

The products have a full development environment, and Thyron offers comprehensive training courses. The company operates through technology partners around the globe through its Mobile Alliance Partner (MAP) Programme.

Thyron supplies Card terminals for UK Merchants and develops advanced Payment solutions for Banks and Corporates.

For further information please seeThyron

Contact: Tel: 01923 236 050 Email: [email protected]


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