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Island ECN Uses Netkey to Bring Its Open Marketplace to the Sidewalks of “Wall Street”

NEW YORK – January 8, 2002 – Netkey, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise solutions for self-service systems, today announced that Island ECN is using Netkey software and services for kiosks that provide Wall Street traders and visitors with real-time financial information and trading data.
Island ECN worked with Netkey to equip two Web-enabled kiosks that passers-by may access from the sidewalk outside The Island marketplace street-front Broadcast Studio in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district, next door to the New York Stock Exchange. The kiosks provide users with access to Island’s real-time online representation of its limit order book, the Island BookViewer®. The BookViewer provides a listing of a stock’s top 15 buy and sell orders on Island. This information allows investors to see the orders awaiting execution and the levels of supply and demand for a stock. For those visitors not familiar with Island, the kiosks also feature a BookViewer demonstration, which explains how orders are placed on Island and matched for execution.
“We chose Netkey because they could deliver a durable, reliable, and attractive looking product,” said Andrew Goldman, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications at Island ECN. “Netkey’s solution is rugged enough to withstand extraordinary physical circumstances and smart enough to keep the content timely and engaging for users.”

Netkey Manager, a comprehensive server solution for Web kiosk system management, is being used to monitor the kiosks, generating usage reports, analyzing data and scheduling and managing content. Netkey Creator, a patented and industry-standard software application, is used to control incoming and outgoing Web access, display rich media content, secure the keyboard and operating system, and attract viewing customers with multimedia welcome screens.

“Financial service providers are under pressure to provide higher levels of service to their customers, faster and in a more meaningful way,” said Alex Richardson, president and CEO of Netkey. “Island joins a long list of leading organizations who have realized measurable benefits from using Netkey self-service technology.”

About Netkey
Netkey is the premier provider of self-service solutions for customer-focused businesses. Netkey's customers include Microsoft, E*Trade, Borders, Fidelity Investments, Fleet, Ford Yahoo! and J.C. Penney. The company holds three U.S. patents for its self-service technology. For more information on Netkey, please contact us at 1-800-443-7924, via e-mail at [email protected], or visit us on the Web at www.netkey.com.

About Island:
Island is an electronic marketplace that enables market professionals to display and match limit orders for stocks and other securities. Island’s proprietary technology allows it to offer this low cost, rapid and reliable order display and matching service to a network of approximately 700 broker-dealers representing a diverse array of market participants. On an average day, Island will trade over 460 million shares – approximately one in every 5 trades on Nasdaq. During 2001 Island's trading volume was over 90.1 billion shares.


Penny Crump
Netkey, Inc.
(203) 483-2888
[email protected]

Andrew Goldman
The Island ECN, Inc.
(212) 231-5000
[email protected]


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