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First Impression and Andersen LLP (formerly Andersen Consulting)

First Impression has attached screen shots of the Andersen Home Screen and ePostcard. They also have a link on the Home Screen for their web site. We have provided navigational buttons on the bottom of the browser for easy access within their site as well as access back to the Home Screen.

Their primary goal is three fold with regards to the ePostard / eGreeting Card

  1. Provide a unique promotional tool for their customers
  2. Promote NRF
  3. Promote New York City in light of the September 11th Tragedy with the text that says, "I love New York now more than ever"

    First Impressions will also be providing them with usage reports on daily usage figures, what screens were viewed and how many ePostcards / eGreeting cards were sent. Andersen LLP also plans on using our kiosk and the FMI trade show coming up in May?

    Andersen LLP's booth number - 1217. First Impression is providing the Andersen LLP customer, who might be interested in getting additional information about our kiosk, with a tri-fold brochure that will be affixed to the kiosk.


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