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Hemisphere West Announces Completion of Expansion

Date: January 17, 2002

Las Vegas-- Hemisphere West announced today the completion of its facility and personnel expansion to facilitate the growth in its core currency validation and interface business. "As our business has grown over the past 5 years, we found it necessary to expand not only our facility, but the engineering support to our customers" stated Hemisphere West President, John Petkus. Further commenting, "We have found that each customer has many unique and specific requirements for there particular application". The expansion allows us to further accommodate these application specific requirements. With our expertise in currency validation, we are now able to add full custom support in areas such as software, hardware and custom cabling for our currency validation products.

As an example, the award winning HW200 'Universal' USB Interface for bill/coin acceptors (Best of Show-Hardware, Kioskcom 2001) was a customer driven product. "We took our customers requests and developed a product for them" stated Petkus. Hemisphere West will also be introducing some very 'unique' new products at the upcoming Kioskcom 2002 trade show in Orlando, most customer driven and developed by Hemisphere West.

Hemisphere West specializes in currency validation products and custom hardware/software products that support bill/coin acceptors and magnetic card readers. A two time winner of 'Best of Show-Hardware' at Kioskcom (2000, 2001) Hemisphere West has provided support to the unique requirements of the Kiosk, ATM and Automatic Transaction industries for over 5 years.

Contact Information

John Petkus

[email protected]


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