NeoProducts Kiosks C-Tick Approved

Neo's K15, K17 and Enigma have all recently passed the testing stage of Class A C-Tick Approval.

What is C-Tick?

Well it is a bit like the European CE and a bit like North America's ULC - only better! It covers electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). To be C-Tick approved to Australian standards, the product must be able to function without introducing any electromagnetic interference (EMI) into its surrounding environment that will disturb the normal operation of any electronic equipment. This includes interference to or from mobile phones, computers, radios or any other electronic device in the vicinity.

In NeoProducts' case both equipment and the manufacturer is certified.

NeoProducts' engineering systems were audited by the ACA in November and we were awarded a certificate of compliance at that time. The products all had to undergo rigorous testing. Once passed we applied the C-Tick logo.


From 1 January 1999, all electronic products supplied and sold in Australia are required by law to pass C-Tick. If a product does not comply with EMC regulations then it cannot go on the market. Neo has already tested its product range and we are pleased to announce that all those tested have been approved to Class A level which covers all IT industry based electronic products.

Neo's peripheral products that have passed the testing stage are:

  • K15
    • Insert Card Reader CRD02
    • Thermal Printer PRT03 & PRT02
    • Premium Illuminate RDIS03
    • Resistive Touchscreen
    • Capacitive Touchscreen
    • Computer
    • 15" Monitor
  • K17
    • Resistive 17" Touchscreen
    • Capacitive 17" Touchscreen
    • Computer
    • 17" Monitor
    • OKI A4 Printer
    • Insert Card Reader
  • Enigma
    • Swipe Card Reader
    • 8" LCD Touchscreen & Monitor

Compliance to C-Tick was made easier for Neo as we had been through EMC testing with various products over the last 10 years and the equipment has been designed with EMC compliance in mind. We will have more accessories being released next month with the C-Tick.

We were surprised to learn that the K17, which uses generally available complete components, is treated as a kiosk that is integrated for C-Tick. This means that the whole unit is tested together. Therefore using components that pass C-Tick independently is not necessarily enough to meet the criteria. This means that all kiosk configurations must be tested and certified.

Now you can rest assured that when you become involved with Neo's fine interactive hardware that it meets the requirement and is certified.

Beware the pretenders; compliance is not enough, ask for C-Tick! >