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     Susan Pagani
     Public Relations Manager
     Elo TouchSystems, Inc. 
     Phone:     (510) 739-4671
     Fax:       (510) 739-4657
     E-Mail:    [email protected]
     January 20, 1999   Fremont, California
     Elo TouchSystems, Inc., global leader in touch technology and a 
     Raychem (NYSE:RYC) subsidiary, today reported revenues for the second 
     quarter of fiscal 1999 of $29 million, up 20% on a reported currency 
     basis from the prior year period.  These results reflect revenue 
     growth of 28% in Europe and 51% in Japan.  
     "Elo is particularly pleased with its increased sales in the retail 
     market because of the caliber of the retail customers who have chosen 
     Elo's touch solutions," said Emily Liggett, president of Elo 
     TouchSystems. In North America alone, revenue from touchmonitors grew 
     over 55% based on sales in the retail and hospitality markets. "Elo is 
     delighted to note our growing business relationship with ICL, a 
     leading supplier of information technology systems, which is active 
     both in the United States and Europe.  This year will see the rollout 
     of two major ICL/Elo projects -Staples Superstores in the U.S. and KPN 
     Dutch Telecom in the Netherlands. This relationship with ICL not only 
     allows us to extend our presence in the retail market, but also 
     strengthens the presence of touch in the global marketplace."
     Partnering To Provide The Total Solution
     In a continuing effort to increase the availability of integrated 
     touch solutions, Elo launched two new partner programs in the second 
     quarter, says Liggett. "Although Elo TouchSystems provides two popular 
     touch technologies, a wide range of touch components and a broad line 
     of LCD and CRT touchmonitors - there are occasions when a customer 
     needs another element of the total solution," continued Liggett.  "So, 
     Elo's partner programs are aimed at further integrating Elo's products 
     and services with the 'complete solution' desired by customers."  
     Elo's partner programs include: the Custom Solutions program for low 
     volume specialty touch monitors; the Kiosk Partner program to provide 
     whole kiosk solutions; the TouchReady program aimed at independent 
     software vendors; and the Distributor program.  
     Elo - Everywhere The Customer Is
     This quarter, Elo TouchSystems complemented its worldwide sales and 
     distribution network with five new direct sales support offices in the 
     Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, The People's Republic of 
     China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. The new offices will provide Elo 
     customers with local sales support for the company's range of 
     IntelliTouch surface-wave and AccuTouch 5-wire resistive touch 
     products, software drivers and application development tools.  Existing 
     Raychem presence in these countries will extend Elo sales support.  
     "This reaffirms Elo's commitment to the region," said Liggett.  "Elo 
     has long recognized the immense potential for its touch products in 
     Asia.  Leveraging the access of Raychem, our parent company, means we 
     bring our world-class service and support one giant step closer to our 
     customers." Sales and marketing for Japan continues to be the 
     responsibility of Touch Panel Systems, a joint venture company.
     The World Is Not Flat - But It Will Be
     In the second quarter of fiscal 1999, Elo continued to experience high 
     growth in sales of flat touchscreens, with a particularly strong 
     growth of 50% in Europe.  Similarly, sales of flat touchmonitors are 
     up 50% in Japan. In the second quarter, Elo expanded its line of LCD 
     products with new touchmonitors and a variety of larger touchscreens 
     to fit the new popular monitor sizes.  "The market for touchmonitors 
     will rapidly 'go flat' as LCD prices drop and availability increases, 
     so Elo continues to invest in the design and development of LCD touch 
     products," said Liggett. These new LCD products are part of a larger 
     Elo LCD family that includes kiosk, industrial, and desktop 
     touchmonitors - versatile, flat solutions for a diverse set of 
     applications from machine control to retail kiosks.  "Our customers 
     expect our industry leading touch technology to be backed up by an 
     industry leading display.  With the LCD touchmonitors, we've provided 
     them with high brightness and high contrast, in a versatile package 
     with the highest quality service and support."
     AccuTouch, IntelliTouch, and Touchready are trademarks of Elo 
     TouchSystems, Inc.
     All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
                                    # # #
     Elo TouchSystems, Inc., global leader in touch technology, develops, 
     manufactures and markets a complete line of touch products that 
     simplify the interface between people and computers.  Founded in 1971, 
     Elo has headquarters in Fremont, California and offices worldwide.  Elo 
     TouchSystems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation 
     (NYSE:RYC).  For more information on Elo's products and services, call 
     1-800-ELOTOUCH (1-800-356-8682)  or visit Elo's Web site at 
     www.elotouch.com.  Electronic mail inquiries should be directed to 
     [email protected]
     Raychem Corporation of Menlo Park, California, is an international 
     company with approximately 9,000 employees in 49 countries and revenues 
     of $1.8 billion in fiscal 1998.  The company utilizes expertise in 
     materials science, electronics and process engineering to develop, 
     manufacture and market high-performance products for electronics OEM 
     businesses, and telecommunications, energy and industrial applications. 
      Information on Raychem is available on the Internet at: 

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