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The Stationery Office selects Siemens Computer Systems as a Strategic
Partner for Mobile, Desktop and Server Products

 targeting 1999 sales of 6 million into the local government, healthcare
and education sectors

Siemens Computer Systems has appointed The Stationery Office as a strategic
partner for its award-winning notebook, desktop and server PCs and
UNIX-based systems. The Stationery Office is aggressively growing its
hardware systems business during 1999, and is targeting a 20 million
turnover for the coming year. The Stationery Office will focus particularly
on sales of Siemens PCs to the local government, healthcare and education
sectors, and is projecting sales of between 5 and 6 million worth of
Siemens hardware during the partnership's first year.

Siemens Computer Systems will be one of The Stationery Office's four core PC
suppliers, along with Viglen, Dell and Compaq. The Stationery Office will
operate as a Siemens Computer Systems Managed Account, and will initially
sell the company's full range of SCENIC Mobile notebooks, SCENIC Pro
desktops, Primergy and RM server systems. 

"Siemens is growing significantly and gaining UK market share, and we look
forward to being part of that growth," commented Nigel Turner, National
Sales Manager for IT and Equipment for The Stationery Office. "We've always
been impressed by Siemens and its comprehensive hardware offer, which
extends from entry-level notebooks to major UNIX-based servers. With
Siemens, we now have a range that goes beyond our standard off-the-page
systems to offer a clear differentiation in areas such as security,
convergence, cost-of-ownership, energy-saving and ergonomics.

"We're also aware that Siemens Computer Systems is now part of the broader
Siemens Information and Communication Products Group, and this presents us
with additional opportunities as we expand our own product portfolio," he

The Stationery Office, formerly HMSO, offers a comprehensive range of office
stationery, IT and business equipment providing everything for the office
environment. With a focus on Local Authorities, Health and Education, and
targeting major growth of its PC and server business during 1999, TSO is set
to distribute 20 million worth of systems during the coming year.

Siemens Computer Systems is the leading European supplier of information
technology, and forms part of the Siemens Information and Communications
Product Group. The company offers the industry's broadest range of computer
systems from a single supplier, ranging from home computers and Net PCs
through to notebooks, desktops, workstations, high-end servers and mainframe
systems. In addition to its comprehensive range of hardware products,
Siemens Computer Systems is focused on delivering platforms for solutions in
key business areas including e-commerce, data warehousing and SAP R/3.

The Siemens Information and Communication Products Group is part of the
major DM50 billion turnover Siemens Information and Communications business.
This new business was formed on 1 October 1998 in response to the growing
requirement for converged IT and communications products and services.

For more information
Please contact: 

        Rebecca Hartley
        Press Relations
        Siemens Computer Systems
        Tel:  01252 555396
        [email protected]

For further information about Siemens Computer Systems, please visit our web
site at www.siemens.co.uk/cs

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