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Greetings and welcome to the latest installment of KioskCom Happenings, the official online newsletter of the KioskCom 2000 Conference!

Registration for KioskCom 2000 has started with a vengeance!! As you know, our annual must-attend event is scheduled for April 17-20th in Las Vegas. More and more of you are taking advantage of the free hotel night for registering early - so don't delay - you have until February 25th to enjoy this special offer!!

Response to the conference has been astounding! The informative presentations and networking opportunities, that you asked for, have truly turned KioskCom 2000 into the must attend event of the year for kiosk end-users and developers worldwide…no kidding!

This week we've chosen to highlight the informative and intriguing case study session on "Brick and Mortar becomes Click and Mortar: How Borders is Utilizing Kiosks to Connect with their Customers. This best practice case study will be delivered by Mary Jean Raab, the Vice President of Product Development at Borders.

The Border's "'Title Sleuth" self help kiosk enables customers to sift through 700,000 titles, identifying which ones are available in the store and which are in stock and the Border's fulfillment center. Enabling customers to special order titles themselves has increased special order sales. Through the 1999 holidays, Borders also began integrating full Web site access at a group of store locations.

This presentation will take you through the step-by-step process Borders went through in order to integrate interactive kiosks into their business model. Specifically, you will learn how to: · Choose applications that make sense for you and your customers · Understand how to integrate Web access into your in store kiosks · Roll out the best laid plans

KioskCom 2000 will highlight several other kiosk installations, including Continental Airlines, AOL, DaimlerChrysler, and Eastman Kodak, to name just a few. Additionally, participants can choose from four in-depth pre and post conference workshops.

If you have not received a brochure to KioskCom 2000, and would like to get information right away, please email your contact information to [email protected] We will have information to you immediately.


Register and pay for KioskCom 2000 by February 25, 2000, and you will receive one (1) FREE night's stay at The Riviera Hotel & Casino, courtesy of KioskCom!

Watch for our next KioskCom Happenings update, which will profile another case study presentation, and remember to register by February 25th to take advantage of a free night at the Riviera Hotel & Casino.

If you have missed any of our past postings, you can view them in our archives by logging in at www.listbot.com and selecting "View Archives."

The KioskCom Happenings Team

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