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Press information for CeBIT 2000

friendlyway: Now music fans can keep the hits and junk the b-tracks

Personalised music CDs with nothing but your favourite numbers

Munich, February 11, 2000 - Good news for music lovers who like truffle pigs like to sniff out the gems on a music CD. At this year's CeBIT friendlyway is presenting a public internet shop which can produce personalised music CDs. Customers can use this to put together a collection of their personal favourite tracks - the "truffles". This means that the kind of padding that was almost universal between the good tracks on CDs is a thing of the past. Internet outlets will be set up during the year in several well-frequented locations.

Via a touch-sensitive display customers can use their fingertips to put together the pieces of music they like. To do this, MP3 files with short "jingles" are downloaded from internet. The music tracks themselves come from a local data server and are burned directly into the CD. Best of all, customers can even print the label with their favourites. "This means that a personal ideal CD with a "personalised loving message" on the label is a realisable idea for a gift for Valentine's Day," says Werner Gruber, marketing director at friendlyway.

friendlyway AG is bringing the internet outlets to places heavily frequented by the public such as department stores, town halls, universities, hospitals and more. In Germany 85 per cent of the population still has no individual internet access. friendlyway is planning a launch on Frankfurt's Neuer Markt.

Visit us at CeBIT in Hall 8, Stand A35, or at [email protected]

Internet: http://www.friendlyway.com

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