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TELeasy Selects MEI AE2600 Bill Acceptors for Use in TELstation Kiosks

Cash payment option attracts more customers, drives profits

WEST CHESTER, PA – February 12, 2001 – MEI, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance electronic payment systems, has announced that its AE2600 bill acceptor was selected for use in TELeasy Corporation’s TELstation kiosks. TELstations combine payphone and Internet services, allowing users to buy tickets to entertainment events/movies/hotel events, pre-paid calling cards, and Internet time. Already, 40 TELstation kiosks have been deployed across the United States, with installations expected to reach 800 by the end of 2001, and 2500 by the end of 2002. Deployment is also expected to extend into Europe starting in 2001.

TELstations equipped with bill acceptors, coin acceptors, and credit card acceptors are typically installed in high-traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, restaurants and airports. In evaluating effectiveness in the field, TELeasy reports that the AE2600-equipped TELstations successfully validate bills, and there have been no breakdown incidents to date.

“We selected the MEI AE2600 bill acceptor because it was the most advanced technologically and robust in terms of durability, helping us speed the launch of our new kiosks,” said Mansur Plumber, CEO/VP of Technology of TELeasy. “We make it a policy to select vendors who have the best reputation in the industry and who provide excellent, responsive technical support.”

TELeasy elected to include bill acceptors in their TELstations following test deployment in New York City with credit card readers only that showed a consistent lack of use. “Cash is the most widely used payment method by far. Without a bill acceptor, none of our machines would make any money at all,” says Mr. Plumber.

About MEI’s AE 2600 Bill Acceptor

The AE2600 bill acceptor allows users to insert $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 bills facing up, down, or either direction—even bills that are torn, wrinkled and dirty. The AE2600 uses complex optical technology, the industry’s most effective method to maintain high acceptance and low jam rates, while maintaining high security. Complex optical technology uses advanced light to read the variations in the magnetic ink on any bill, enabling the bill acceptor not only to validate the bill with a higher rate of accuracy, but to transport bills without physically touching them—dramatically reducing the chances of bill jamming.

MEI incorporates self-calibration technology with its complex optical technology, enabling the bill acceptor to compensate automatically for dirt and debris in the cavity of the bill path by increasing the strength of the optical light. The AE2600 bill acceptor also features MARSÒ FLASHPORT™ re-programmable flash technology, which enables operators to update software files to quickly and cost-effectively recognize new currency designs.

For more information on MEI’s bill acceptors, visit MEI’s web site at www.meiglobal.com or call 1-800-345-8215.

About TELeasy

The New York City-based TELeasy Corporation, which is a spin-off from AdComp Systems Inc. is a leading developer and provider of e-commerce enabled multimedia, multifunction, coin, bill and credit card operated public Internet email payphone terminals.

About MEI

MEI (formerly Mars Electronics International) and a division of Mars, Incorporated, has been developing the world’s most advanced, secure, and high-performance electronic payment systems since 1969, and has the world’s largest installed base of electronic coin mechanisms and bill acceptors. By working with customers, MEI has not only contributed to the success of vending, but is also the world leader in the application of cash payment systems in the retail, telecom, gaming, amusement, lottery, and transportation industries. MEI’s range of products includes electronic cash acceptors, coin change-giving machines, card-based cashless payment systems, and electronic audit systems. MEI employs 1,200 associates worldwide, with four ISO-certified manufacturing plants on three continents, sales offices in 10 countries, and a distribution network covering more than 100 countries.


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