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Website: http://www.connectinteractive.co.uk

Description: Production Services: Development of Multimedia applications for Internet, CD ROM and Kiosk platforms, including e-commerce application for kiosks. Clients included Philips Electronics and The Metropolitan Police.

Products and Services: CD Duplication - we duplicate over 250,000 CDs per month with quantities starting at 1000 CDs. See our website for an online quote generator.

Kiosks - a full range of CRT and LCD Touchscreen kiosks designed to meet all of the required CE, Health and Safety and IP legislation's. All kiosks are constructed from Steel to ensure maximum durability.

The product range includes kiosks optimised for Disabled access and kiosks designed for outdoor usage (rated to IP65 standard).

All kiosks are supplied without a P.C./printer as standard to allow customers to install their preferred manufacturers products. We can supply kiosks with full P.C., including Video Conferencing, Card swipes, coin-ops and printing technologies to meet specific project requirements.

Plasma - Connect Interactive supply the Fujitsu 21" and 42" Plasma panels, with touchscreen options for both. We also supply the Flashcard version of the 42" Plasma for customers looking for a standalone Plasma, capable of displaying graphics in a slideshow format. From 1st March 1999, Connect Interactive are able to supply the 42" Plasma panel with an integrated P.C.

Kiosk/Plasma Hire - we offer weekly hire for our kiosk and Plasma range of products.

Contact Details
Name: Jason Cremins
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 1799 542929
+44 1799 542928

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