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National Electronic Technologies Corp the manufacturers and software developers of Global VideoNET(tm) announce their public listing today on CDN.

Saint John, NB Canada February 21st, 2000 - National Electronic Technologies Corp. (CDN symbol: NATV.U) the leaders in public access Internet solutions today announce their initial public offering on the Canadian Dealing Network (CDN) under the symbol NATV.U.

National Electronic Technologies has been developing public access Internet terminals in a variety of models and small foot print designs for a major deployment across North America with several world class partners and alliances. NET is a complete software systems design and development company with years of experience in public access Internet solutions. The business plan for NET includes forming alliances and exclusive partnerships in a variety of industries including trucking, airline, shopping, Internet service, petroleum and the Internet portal and advertising industries.

NET went to market shipping their crown achievement Global VideoNET(tm) public access Internet terminals in the last quarter of 1999 and has been experiencing an increasing demand for their product by US and Canadian markets. NET's customers are experiencing a robust and well tested product due to 2.5 years of R&D, user experience and field testing by NET before the products were released to market. .

"NET is a very focused company with an appetite for perfection in the emerging public access Internet market." said Albert Chiasson, Chair/CEO of NET "Over the coming year we will continue to focus on the North American market with our partners while exploring International markets using distributors from specific industries to carry our colors Internationally."

NET is the full kiosk partner of the world's largest interactive Internet service with over 20 million subscribers and is involved in an aggressive roll out by several of these partners and alliances across North America for public access Internet solutions. NET is also the only licensed kiosk partner of America Online worldwide at this time.

Global VideoNET is truly the public access Internet portal." Say's Brad MacPherson, President of NET "With the combination of bundled communications, entertainment and massive access to .com content Global VideoNET(tm) is truly the world class solution to everyone's public Internet access needs."

Global VideoNET(tm) is a small foot print rugged product that is built of solid steel that is designed for semi unsupervised and/or unsupervised public locations. The terminals allow users to browse the Internet securely, send and receive email, gather up to the minute news, weather, sports, mapping and stock quotes. All this along with exciting touch screen games as well as the ability to send audio video messages via the built in video conferencing hardware via a software application developed by NET called Video Mail. Each terminal currently accepts coins, bills and major credit cards with a new smart card introduction on the horizon. Terminals come in a variety of designs as well as NET^ having the ability to custom design products for larger corporate customers. All Global VideoNET(tm) products run off and are well tested on the Global VideoNET core software platform.

Each Global VideoNET(tm) terminal is remotely monitored by the Global VideoNET Information Services(tm) (GVIS(tm)). Machine owners can remotely use the GVIS(tm) to accurately track all revenues per terminal, monitor all usage, track the URL's visited by users, monitor click through navigation as well as report to advertisers on all aspects of reports for the advertising industry. All of this can be remotely monitored by the machine owner via secure encrypted emails. The machine owner can also remotely monitor using GVIS(tm) web-based accessibility from any desk top or lap top computer using their secure user name and password. It is truly a world class innovative approach to monitoring products based on the experience of NET in the coin operated, payphone and gaming industries.

About National Electronic Technologies Corporation (http://www.globalvideonet.com) NET is a leading manufacturer of public access Internet devices as well as a software developer of public access Internet solutions. NET is headquartered in Rothesay, NB Canada with offices in most major cities in Canada as well as US offices in Louisville Kentucky. NET also has a number of partners in various industries who are focused on the deployment of Global VideoNET(tm) terminals in the truck stop, airport, shopping mall and hotel industries. The shares of National Electronic Technologies Corp. trade in US$ on the Canadian Dealing Network under the symbol NATV.u



Brad MacPherson Al Chiasson
President Chair/CEO
122 Hampton Road 6 Adelaide St.
Rothesay, NB Canada Toronto, ON. Canada
E2E 2N5 M5C 1H6
Tel: 506.847.6900 Tel: 416.504.7400
Fax: 506.847.6900 Fax: 416.504.7211
[email protected] [email protected]

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