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News Release

Tempest Telecommunications acquired by 3Ginteractive /

Kiosk group to form Public Access Terminal Networks

Tempest Telecommunications International announced today that its TITAN Global Communications assets were being purchased by 3G Interactive. At the same time Tempest Telecom announce plans to form a subsidiary out of its remaining Internet kiosk intellectual property assets, naming the new company Public Access Terminal Networks - PATN. Tempest Telecom which had introduced the successful TITAN Card in 1997 as the, "worlds first calling card with Internet access", called the move a significant step towards narrowing its focus on the public access Internet market.

Public Access Terminal Networks will now solely hold the rights to 4 patent pending technologies which enables it to provide clearinghouse services between owners and operators of publicly accessible Internet terminals such as kiosks, web phones and hotel room systems and the various access card issuers such as ISPs, calling card companies, and retail prepaid card vendors. Company president Jason Jacoby heralded the move as,"a significant step in the expansion of the kiosk industry as a whole." The new company not only has patent pending rights on the technology to provide the services but on the business model itself. We hope to change consumer perception about Internet access by allowing users to roam between terminals owned and manufactured by different companies. Consumers must build confidence that they will be able to access terminals where ever they travel." It was this roaming capability developed in the 80s that enabled ATM machines to become ubiquitous part of the culture. "ATM users trust that their card will be able to access an ATM wherever they travel. So to will Internet users be able to trust their card will access Internet vending machines," he further went on to declare.

Perhaps most importantly the company will enable independent kiosk owners to accept access cards issued by 4000 US Internet Service Providers without establishing direct relationships with all of them. The software that enables this to happen is built upon the same protocols that Internet service providers now employ to authenticate their dial-up users, meaning ISPs will not incur any hardware or software upgrades, only the pennies per card it costs to print them.

Look for implementation Q2 2000 by a number of key players.

see www.tempestcom.com/patn.htm for more information

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