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Siemens Computer Systems launches compact home multimedia system for digital

 Ideal platform for digital TV and next generation digital multimedia services

Siemens Computer Systems, Europe's leading computer company, has announced
ACTIVY, a powerful new compact and flexible multimedia system for digital
services. In addition to today's digital television signals, ACTIVY is an
ideal receiver for a broad range of interactive digital multimedia
applications, including high speed Internet connection, e-mail, IP
telephony, corporate information distribution, interactive tele-learning and
business TV services.

Based on a compact PC architecture, ACTIVY builds on Siemens Computer
Systems' strengths in key areas such as communications and security to offer
a flexible approach to digital multimedia services. ACTIVY features a
compact and modular architecture which can be easily upgraded to support
inevitable changes in digital TV and other services, and incorporates a full
range of communications and security capabilities.

The new Siemens ACTIVY system can be easily integrated into existing or
planned business information projects, and features a range of optional
add-on capabilities including a 56k fax modem for Web, e-mail and fax
services, ISDN connectivity, DVD-ROM for movies and IP Internet-based
telephony. ACTIVY 
incorporates a powerful on-board graphics controller with high quality
integrated TV-Out, and an optional DVB card for digital video broadcasting.

ACTIVY features an infrared remote control and keyboard, and is particularly
easy to operate. An integrated smartcard reader and a common interface
module guarantee protection of corporate data against unauthorised access.
Additional security features include password control for temporary keyboard
and mouse locking, password protection for system and setup, and virus
warning on changes to the hard disk boot sector.

The new Siemens Computer Systems ACTIVY multimedia box is based on a 233 MHz
Cyrix Media GXm processor, and features 32 MB of RAM. 16-bit stereo is
integrated in the Media GXm processor and the system features the Microsoft
Windows 98 operating system.

Siemens Computer Systems is the leading European supplier of information
technology, and forms part of the Siemens Information and Communication
Products Group. The company offers the industry's broadest range of computer
systems from a single supplier, ranging from home computers and Net PCs
through to notebooks, desktops, workstations, high-end servers and mainframe
systems. In addition to its comprehensive range of hardware products,
Siemens Computer Systems is focused on delivering platforms for solutions in
key business areas including e-commerce, data warehousing and SAP R/3.

The Siemens Information and Communication Products Group is a significant
part of the DM50 billion turnover Siemens Information and Communications
business segment. This new business was formed on the 1st October 1998 in 
 response to the growing requirement for converged IT and communications
products, solutions and services.

For more press information
Please contact:

        Rebecca Hartley
        Press Relations
        Siemens Computer Systems
        Tel:  01252 555396
        [email protected]

For further information about Siemens Computer Systems, please visit our web
site at www.siemens.co.uk/cs

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