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CONTACT:     Lisa Jones           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 
[email protected]/303-404-2780       February 28, 2000 
Perry Johnson 
[email protected]/303-404-2780 


BROOMFIELD, Colo. – Kiosk Information Systems (KIS) recently announced the contract to design and manufacture interactive kiosks for WholePeople.com, Thornton, Colorado. WholePeople.com will place the kiosks in up to 50 Whole Foods Markets stores nationwide. The colorful kiosks attract customers to use the new WholePeople.com Web site while shopping at the store, thus promoting “Web site branding” and future online purchases from the home or office. The exciting and dynamic new site, scheduled to launch in March 2000, will offer a wide range of products in the whole living market, including natural foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements, cultural travel packages, and environmentally friendly products for the home. Site visitors will also enjoy rich content, including community forums, detailed product information and healthy advice for the way they live.

Rick Malone, KIS President explains, “Web site branding is the wave of the future as dotcom companies grasp the consumer e-commerce market with a variety of marketing strategies. For the brick and mortar’s, in-store is the ideal place to bring Web branding to the store’s customers - turning foot traffic into Web traffic.” Most of KIS’ custom and standard kiosks are Web based and many are designed for the sole purpose of Web branding.

About KIS
Headquartered in Broomfield, Colo., KIS is the world leader in high quality, self-service terminal manufacturing. KIS designs, manufactures, and services kiosks, offering a full line of standard products and complete custom development solutions. Products range from sophisticated Internet phone booths and video teleconferencing kiosks to the Department of Immigration’s automated passenger clearance kiosk that uses a hand geometry reader for positive identification. The Colorado-based company has developed integrated hardware for national and multinational companies including IBM, Unisys, Disney, McDonalds, US West, Mercedes Benz and Lockheed Martin as well as multiple government agencies and universities. KIS’ innovative designs, commitment to quality and maintenance service options, provide a full-service approach to interactive information terminals. Contact KIS at 303-466-5471 or visit their Web site at www.kis-kiosk.com for more information.

About WholePeople.com
WholePeople.com is the on-line subsidiary of Whole Foods Markets, Inc. the largest natural foods grocery store chain in the country, based on sales volume. Whole Foods Markets (NASDAQ: WMFI) is based in Austin, Texas and operates 110 stores throughout the country. WholePeople.com recently completed a round of financing that raised $35 million from a network of venture capital organizations.

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