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Nourison Unveils Interactive Multimedia Kiosks for Authorized Dealers
Partnership with First Wave, Inc. and Apple Computer Leads to Innovative Program

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-March 1, 2001-Nourison, the world's largest importer and manufacturer of fine handmade oriental rugs, recently unveiled an interactive multimedia kiosk program for authorized Nourison Dealers. The kiosk program, developed in close collaboration with First Wave, Inc. and Apple Computer, allows dealers to lease a kiosk for their retail outlet to provide consumers with instantaneous access to a virtual inventory of thousands of rugs.

"The Nourison kiosk is an excellent addition to any dealerıs showroom," said Thomas Dust, Nourisonıs director of multimedia and head of the kiosk project. "It allows a consumer to browse 46 of Noursionıs collections and search through them by size, color and style, or any combination of criteria. This ensures the consumer can quickly find a rug that precisely suits their needs."

The Nourison kiosk, developed by First Wave, runs on a touch-enabled iMac and is powered by Kiosk Communicator, the companyıs industry-leading kiosk development software. This robust system provides an engaging multimedia environment for consumers and is easily updated remotely via phone lines so the latest rug collections and styles are always featured. Additionally, the kiosk automatically runs a customizable attract loop during periods of inactivity. This allows dealers to display sales promotions, store hours or other relevant information on the kiosk. The kiosk also provides dealers with robust reports on the kiosk usage and consumer preferences.

"The Nourison kiosk is a lucrative addition to any dealerıs showroom," said Mr. Dust. "The dealer instantly expands their inventory by thousands of rugs while giving up only two square feet of showroom space when they install the kiosk."

The system is available to dealers at a variety of costs, depending on configuration and lease arrangements, and easily pays for itself in a short period of time. The kiosk has been implemented in select locations on a pilot basis and the results have been outstanding.

"The Nourison kiosk generated incremental business for us as soon as it was installed," according to Andy Brumlow, Area Rug Manager for Carpets of Dalton, who participated in the pilot. "It has allowed us to expand our inventory and improve the customer experience, with very little investment on our part."

About First Wave

Founded a decade ago, First Wave, Inc. is the worldıs leading provider of interactive multimedia kiosks. Today, First Wave kiosks are used by many of the leading Fortune 500 corporations, including Kids "R" Us, Walt Disney Records and Whirlpool to promote and sell products. Featuring an amazing array of multimedia tools, First Wave kiosk solutions are powered by the companyıs proprietary kiosk development software, Kiosk Communicator.

Kiosk Communicator enables the development of kiosk-based self service commerce by allowing a multitude of functions to be programmed in minutes including, collecting and dispensing information, gathering critical market data, promoting products, taking orders and arranging shipping. More than 7,000 copies of Kiosk Communicator are currently in circulation, supported by a community of Resellers and Agents.

The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. For additional information and a free copy of the white paper, "Trends Driving Interactive Displays," please visit www.first-wave.com.

About Nourison

Nourison is the world's largest importer and manufacturer of fine handmade oriental rugs. World headquarters in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, with offices in Atlanta, High Point, Zurich, Germany, China and India, the company also has dozens of distribution centers throughout the world. Nourison has grown steadily since its inception in 1980. Founded by the Peykar brothers, Paul, Alex, Edmund and Steven, and named for their father Noury, the company is now poised to enter the millennium with a continuing dedication to excellence in both service and product.



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