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Touch Screens for Direct Sunlight Applications

March 1, 2001 - Touch Controls, Inc. introduces SunTouchTM, the touch screen that is designed for direct sunlight outdoor applications. Unaffected by bright sunshine, SunTouchTM is ideal for outdoor self-serve information kiosks and point of purchase systems, as well as, process control stations and outdoor machinery control terminals. US and International patents are pending.

Touch Controls offers SunTouchTM touch screens with ultra high-bright LCD panels. With a brightness level up to 1000 nits and/or a polarizing light filter, the LCD panel image is clearly readable even under the brightest and most direct sunlight conditions. No electronic circuitry or membrane overlay across the surface of the screen means SunTouchTM touch screens are not easily broken or damaged, and the amount of light emitted by the LCD panels is neither diminished nor distorted.

SunTouchTM touch screens deliver sharp, crisp display readability and touch screen functionality, even in the brightest glare of mid-day sun. They are impervious to nicks and scratches, and can't be triggered by raindrops that may reach the screen. The chemically tempered, thick glass faceplate provides an effective and non-degradable Ultra-Violet light barrier for the LCD panel. Calibration does not drift with temperature or humidity, and the touch screen can be operated with a gloved or bare hand.

Previously, outdoor touch screens had to be shielded by sun awnings, costly operator shelters, or carefully positioned to avoid direct sunlight at all times of the day. With SunTouchTM touch screens, outdoor kiosks can be positioned in locations most convenient for the users and attention grabbing for passers-by. Mobile machinery control panels and fixed position process control stations in outdoor areas can now benefit from easy-to-use SunTouchTM touch screen operation, no matter which angle the sun shines from.

Touch screens are very intuitive, so they don't require any training. They offer the advantage of a display and operator interface in one compact package, rather than a bulky combination of display, pushbuttons, keypads, and mice. Their application is becoming an increasingly widespread and preferred method of computer interaction. SunTouchTM touch screens expand the range of touch screen applications even further by bringing them to new places where people need or want to be - on the street or in any outdoor setting.

SunTouchTM touch screens were developed from Touch Controls' EnhancedInfraredTM line of indoor touch screens and PowerTouchTM displays and workstations. They feature the same rugged durability and 5-year operation warranty, without limitations to cuts scratches or wear of the touch surface. They are 100% sealable and suitable for high-pressure wash-down (NEMA 4/4X / IP 66) and hazardous environments (US-NEC Class I, Divisions I & II and CENELEC Group 11).

Touch Controls, Inc. specializes in rugged and/or remote computing solutions for demanding environments, including manufacturing and process control, as well as high traffic self-serve kiosks for unattended areas. In addition to SunTouchTM touch screens and the EnhancedlnfraredTM line of indoor touch screens, Touch Controls, Inc. also manufacturers PowerTouchTM displays and workstations, PublicAccessTM kiosks, PowerBoxTM industrial computers, RayFireTM digital fiber-optic video and data transmission systems, and TurbiCoolTM industrial computer enclosures.>


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