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Siemens IT Service extends WAN Management services with launch of new ISDN
service integration capability

- new Managed Service provides integrated consultancy, implementation,
integration and tariff management into a single ISDN optimisation service

Siemens IT Service has extended its range of WAN Management services with
the launch of a new ISDN service integration capability. The new service is
aimed at the growing number of Retail, Financial Services and other
distributed commercial organisations looking to integrate their national
store and branch networks using ISDN services. It is the first solution to
simplify the task of implementing national Wide Area Networks that combine
ISDN-based services from different telecom suppliers, and will help
customers manage the increasing challenge of controlling ISDN usage costs
across different networks.

Siemens IT Service is one of the UK's leading providers of Managed Services,
and this new service is the first to provide customers with a single point
of contact for all their ISDN consultancy, implementation, integration and
tariff management requirements. As part of the Managed Service, Siemens IT
Service will specify and implement the optimum combination of ISDN services
for each customer's national network, optimise performance and provide
customers with a one-bill service that covers all aspects of their network

"More and more UK companies are looking to implement distributed services
such as Intranets, e-mail and kiosk-based information facilities across
their organisations, but are finding that not all ISDN services are either
available or appropriate for their entire national branch infrastructure,"
commented Don Parry, Business Development Manager for Siemens IT Service.
"We've introduced this new Managed Service to leave our customers free to
focus on their own business while we concentrate on optimising an ISDN
network that meets their precise requirements."

Siemens IT Service is part of the major Siemens Information and
Communication Products Group, and can present customers with extremely
competitive ISDN service pricing because of the company's significant buying
power. Siemens IT Service ISDN-based services can integrate a range of
different ISDN products and services including routers, Primary Rate
services, WAN networks and a range of different tariff rates.

Siemens IT Service is one of the UK's leading Managed Services providers
with a UK turnover in excess of 100 million. The company works across all
sectors including the Retail, Financial Services, Utilities, Government and
General industry sectors, and has developed a distinctive Managed Services
approach - concentrating on working in partnership with customer IT
departments to develop value-added business solutions.

Siemens IT Service is part of the major Siemens Information and
Communications business, which is made up of three Groups: Information and
Communication Products, Information and Communication Networks and Siemens
Business Services. This new business was formed on October 1, 1998 in
response to the growing requirement for converged IT and communications
products and services. 

For more information
Please contact:

        Nina Laverock
        Siemens IT Service
        Tel:  01344 862222
        [email protected]

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