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Siemens launches new SCOVERY multifunctional terminal and PC

 Redefines the network PC for large corporates and security-focused

Siemens Computer Systems has launched the SCOVERY, a 'multifunctional
terminal' for corporate networks which can also be upgraded to become a
compact PC. The SCOVERY has been designed to provide large corporate
customers with a space-saving, cost-effective and secure terminal for
distributed applications - while providing potential for future expansion
which removes the limitations that traditional 'dumb terminals' impose.
SCOVERY meets the security, reliability and affordability needs of large
organisations like banks and police forces, and provides a platform for
major projects where low maintenance costs are essential, such as
large-scale database access or SAP R/3. 

Traditionally there have been two models for operating a network with
centralised data storage, but neither has proved ideal for corporate users.
One is based on 'dumb terminals' which simply pass data to and from the
central server. This minimises the risk of user error or unauthorised
manipulation of data, but also restricts the options available to the user
because the system is capable of that and nothing more. The second is based
on central data storage but with conventional PCs on the network, but this
relies heavily on a network administrator to keep applications secure and
available and keep these more complex PC clients up and running. 

SCOVERY systems are ideally suited for server-based applications such as
data input and querying central databases, email and day-to-day office
applications. They cost from 399 ex VAT.

SCOVERY as intelligent terminal
The SCOVERY 211 and 212 models can feature an optional LINUX operating
system and include terminal emulation and Citrix Client software, all of
which is stored in flash memory to speed the bootup process and protect it
from unauthorised user access. This ensures optimum security for sensitive
company data and allows companies to control their information networks. It
also reduces work for network administrators as users cannot impact the
operating system in any way, and cannot store data locally. 

Each of these models is based on an x86 architecture processor with 512KB
onboard second level cache and 4MB onboard graphics adaptor. With full
support for internet and terminal emulation protocols, these SCOVERY systems
are also ideal for use as intelligent terminals in Java environments.

The SCOVERY 250 is a Pentium II-based multifunctional terminal with an
exceptionally small footprint for use in corporate networks where local
client storage is critical, but space is limited. The SCOVERY can be
upgraded with hard disk, CD-ROM, floppy disk drive and Windows 95 or Windows
NT 4.0 Workstation, while providing room for two expansion cards and up to
256MB RAM. Running applications locally also reduces the load on both the
server and the network, which gives large organisations the flexibility to
cope with a range of computing and networking needs.

About Siemens Computer Systems
Siemens Computer Systems is the leading European supplier of information
technology, and forms part of the Siemens Information and Communication
Products Group. The company offers the industry's broadest range of computer
systems from a single supplier, ranging from home computers and Net PCs
through to notebooks, desktops, workstations, high-end servers and mainframe
systems. In addition to its comprehensive range of hardware products,
Siemens Computer Systems is focused on delivering platforms for solutions in
key business areas including e-commerce, data warehousing and SAP R/3.

The Siemens Information and Communication Products Group is a significant
part of the DM50 billion turnover Siemens Information and Communications
business segment. This new business was formed on the 1st October 1998 in
response to the growing requirement for converged IT and communications
products, solutions and services.

For more press information
Please contact:

        Rebecca Hartley
        Press Relations
        Siemens Computer Systems
        Tel:  01252 555396
        [email protected]

For further information about Siemens Computer Systems, please visit our web
site at www.siemens.co.uk/cs

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