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Westerville, Ohio — March 4, 2002 — Micro Industries today introduced a new generation of kiosk systems specifically designed and manufactured to solve the most costly problems facing retailers that deploy point-of-service (POS) technology. The Micro Industries’ Touch & Go Herald wallmount system and the Touch & Go Courier freestanding system are manufactured with leading-edge electronics that address service, system upgrading and customer usability, and the overall cost of kiosk system ownership from the inside out.While many competitive manufacturers often ignore these costly issues in favor of the lowest possible bottom line electronic design pricing, Micro Industries leverages its nearly 25 years of electronics manufacturing services experience to bring the rapidly growing POS market a technology to enhance the users’ experi-ence and offer the retailer significantly more return on their investment.

Kiosk Retailing with Current Technology
An “out of order” sign hangs from a listening station at a trendy music shop, leading a potential buyer to visit a competitor’s store. A retail chain wants to upgrade its marketing techniques by using several databases and its interactive kiosks to download current advertisements and mine customers’ reactions to the new products, but discovers that the upgrade means replacing the inadequate hardware and software at great cost.These problems are common and frequent for many kiosk systems, and can strike at a retailer’s ability to increase sales, improve profits, gain competitive advantages, and enhance their customers’ interactive experiences. The problems start with the electronics inside the kiosks—often low-cost, off-the-shelf PCs that are particularly prone to system downtime, poorly configured so that only paltry graphics are possible, and difficult or impossible to upgrade as technology changes.

Kiosk Retailing with Micro Industries’ Technology
Micro Industries’ new generation of kiosk designs offers many improvements over the present generation.

· Retailers can rapidly and cost-effectively upgrade their kiosks as customer needs
evolve and new technology becomes available. Software applications can be retained
and necessary components are available over a long time period. With Micro Industries’ hardware, a standard platform is used so a retailer can build upon their current software investment, which provides a migration path that enables retailers to easily transition from one product generation to the next, providing optimum return on investment (ROI) for the retailer.

· The incorporation of high-powered microprocessor chips makes the kiosk systems capable of employing a wide variety of graphics that catch the consuming public’s attention and help make the user experience more enjoyable and productive. This
greatly increases the chances customers will keep returning to the kiosks.

· The electronics capability of networking the kiosks to the retailers’ main information database gives retailers the opportunity to capture data that will enable them to consis-tently tailor their inventories. By capturing customers’ buying habits and wishes as they use the kiosks, retailers can respond more effectively to their customers.

· No more will kiosks be down for long periods of time because support is not readily available. Micro Industries is located in the Midwest and employs a nationwide support system. In addition, Micro Industries’ kiosks have been field-tested for reliability, further ensuring that “out-of-order” signs should never be needed.

Availability and Price
Anyone interested in placing an order or learning more about the new Touch & Go Configurable Kiosk Computer Systems can contact Micro Industries’ Customer Service Department at 800-722-1842. Cost is dependent on user configuration and volume. For more information visit www.microindustries.com.

About Micro Industries
Micro Industries Corporation, founded in 1978, is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company that provides electronic engineering and manufacturing resources to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Micro Industries helps customers translate their product requirements into low-cost standard, custom, and semi-custom product solutions for embedded and integrated computer systems. The 52,000 square foot facility in Westerville, Ohio, serves as corporate headquarters and houses an EPA Zero Discharge manufacturing facility that meets both ISO 9001-94 and ISO 14001 standards. The manufacturing facility has fully automated conventional and surface mount assembly lines for both prototype and production requirements.

Micro Industries employs a dedicated staff of engineers focused on product design. Micro Industries also supports an Internet-based company that features free online tools that OEMs can use to design circuit board assemblies and systems and accelerate new product development. The website for this wholly-owned subsidiary, Sweetcircuits, Inc., is located at sweetcircuits.com. For more information about Micro Industries, please visit www.microindustries.com.

Micro Industries is a registered trademark of Micro Industries Corporation. Sweetcircuits is a registered trademark of Sweetcircuits, Inc. All rights reserved. Patents pending. Intel, Pentium, and Celeron are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. All other legal marks are property of their respective owners.

Micro Industries Corporation
Touch & GoConfigurable Kiosk Computer Systems Features

The Touch & Go Herald and Courier configurable kiosk computer products are the first POS systems to provide retailers and OEMs with a complete, interactive system and scalable embedded system. Both systems incorporate the Micro Industries’ mTG61 motherboard, which complies with the low-profile EmbATX form factor standard.

Touch & Go Herald
The Touch & Go Herald offers developers a variety of functions that are only found in much larger systems. The system is ideally designed for POS terminals, inter-active kiosks, and automated teller machine (ATM) terminals. Its bright, 15-inch LCD panel has an extra-wide viewing angle, and a resistive or surface acoustic wave (SAW) touchscreen is enclosed in a durable custom bezel overlay built to withstand long-term customer use. The touchscreen eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse, keeping user attention focused to on-screen information.

The system uses a highly integrated design to maximize performance in mini-mum space and is designed for future expansion. Despite the number of components, the overall unit is slim, with a chassis depth of only 3.44 inches.

Touch & Go Courier
The Touch & Go Courier is a versatile system housing a strong component set within a versatile design. The LCD panel is available in sizes including 10, 12, and 15 inches and can be embedded into a custom enclosure or panel mounted from behind a wall. In front of the LCD panel is a touchscreen that, like the Touch & Go Herald, can be configured with either a resistive or SAW touch panel to suit the application.
Given its small footprint, powerful component set, and the scalable performance of the low-power Intel processors, the Touch & Go embedded system is the smart solution for retailers that need a rugged, high-performing embedded kiosk system in a compact, versatile design.


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