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friendlyway AG revolutionizes customer communication:

CeBIT Highlight 2001: World Premiere for Interactive Customer Television

Combination of television, video and Internet on one screen / Internet controlled by analogue television for the first time / Use in trade and services

Munich, 7 March 2001. friendlyway AG, the Internet-based advice systems provider is proud to be the first company in the world to present interactive customer television by combining analogue television with the Internet. friendlyway has developed a new kind of software, which enables the use of various communication channels via a single screen interface. For the first time, analogue television, video, radio and the Internet can all run in parallel or can be linked together to present a seamless multi-media presentation to the viewer. Also possible, is use of television programming to control Internet pages a on the screen. Using 'flags' or signals, the television program can now trigger the Internet pages. This innovation from friendlyway will be presented to the general public at CEBIT between 23-28 March in Hanover.

Television controls Internet

In its own words, friendlyway enables "a completely new kind of communication with the customer": the moment the current television program is interrupted by a commercial break, [email protected] - triggered by the television channel - calls up the Internet website of the company concerned, making it possible for the viewer to surf the provider's homepage at the same time the television program is being broadcast. The viewer can order information or products, or even join in chat room discussion. The company's complete Internet offering can be used. It is also possible to present an analogue television program or video film with additional information at the same time.

Explanation for complex products

The new technology will be useful in the trade for high-quality and complex products or those requiring detailed explanation as well as in large areas where few personnel are available to provide advice. "It means an end to the days of boring endless video," says Andreas Stütz, founder and chairman of the board of friendlyway AG. "With [email protected], we are offering specifically-controlled product information, providing the customer with top quality information relevant to their decision, directly in the shop, when they are considering a purchase."

Initial pilot projects near completion

[email protected] is of great interest for service providers, particularly in the area of financial services. Andreas Stütz reports, "The first major pilot projects with industrial trading companies and banks are currently underway." In addition to the provision of the terminals, friendlyway AG's range of services include designing and programming of the relevant interface, content management and transmission of content via satellite, cable or the Internet.

"At the start we will offer the new technology on our [email protected] Internet stations," says Andreas Stütz. "But, in the future it will be possible to receive interactive customer television on mobile receivers and desktop PCs."

Friendlyway AG: customer communication at POS

friendlyway AG, founded in 1998, develops, produces and installs interactive advice systems at Point Of Sale and Point of Information, which enable better communication with the customer in the public space. According to its own figures, friendlyway, which has already received many awards for its innovations, will have a turnover of DEM 33 million in 2001. Presently, more than 30 per cent of turnover is earned abroad, primarily from Europe. The company has a fully-owned subsidiary in the USA, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Among friendlyway's prestigious clients are Dresdner Bank, Nokia, Bertelsmann, e-Sixt and buecher.de.



For more information:

Dr. Udo Nimsdorf, Engel & Zimmermann AG, Agentur für Wirtschaftskommunikation

Schloss Fußberg, Am Schlosspark 15, 82131 Gauting

Tel. +49-89-893-5633, Fax +49-89-8939-8429

e-mail: [email protected]


friendlyway AG,

Münchnerstraße 12 - 16, 85774 Unterföhring bei München

Tel: +49-89-9597-9130, Fax +49-89-9597-9140

e-mail: [email protected]


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