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Editors Note: NCR has announced a new branding strategy which extends the NCR "EasyPoint" brand to all of its self-service devices as I understand it. This is major announcement in our view. Related to this is the new EasyPoint 45 shown at KioskCom Orlando. More as we get it...

See actual NCR release for more information

NCR Showcases Versatility of New Self-service Kiosk for Retail or Financial Institutions

NCR EasyPointTM 45 extends successful kiosk line; adds functionality in small footprint

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Retail and financial institutions have a growing need to provide their customers with easy access to personalized information and transactions, including printing account statements, shopping gift registries, and paying bills. Retailers and bankers alike are finding it more cost-effective and service-oriented to offer their customers user-friendly, self-service access to these transactions.

Recognizing this need, NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today unveiled the NCR EasyPointTM 45, an enhanced transactional kiosk that enables the deployer to offer increased self-service capability that can significantly relieve lines at service desks and automated teller machines (ATMs), while enhancing the customer's experience. By redefining transaction possibilities, the EasyPoint 45 makes it easy for users to access and print gift registries, job applications, bank account statements, loan applications and rates, or even to add value to smart cards. Smart card transactions are particularly important in Europe and worldwide where loyalty programs are popular. Installation in targeted regions worldwide will begin in April.

"The 'do-it-yourself' approach is becoming increasingly appealing to time-strapped consumers," said Nelson Gomez, general manager, NCR EasyPoint. "By putting the consumer in control, kiosks offer an equally appealing means for deployers to enhance operational efficiency and customer loyalty."

Touting the highest quality viewing screen in its class with a 15-inch touchscreen interface, the EasyPoint 45 is the smallest kiosk to integrate a full-page printer, and is now available with encrypted pin pad and motorized card reader options. The spill-proof, vandal-resistant keyboard and enhanced cabinetry were specifically designed to withstand high-volume consumer demand in an unattended environment. This intuitive kiosk, based on NCR's popular, industry standard 7401 platform (now branded NCR EasyPoint 41), is simple to operate and provides additional advertising, branding or marketing opportunities supported by a full-motion video option.

According to retail industry analysts, offering enhanced kiosk functionality is a win-win business model that is likely to fuel industry growth for the foreseeable future. Jupiter Media Metrix, Inc. predicts consumers will purchase $6.5 billion in goods and services via kiosks by 2006. Similarly, a recent report by Datamonitor indicates there is substantial opportunity for financial institutions to diversify their ATM and kiosk strategy beyond the traditional banking market.

Neal Schwartz, vice president of Convenience ATMs for NCR's Financial Solutions Division, said, "The NCR EasyPoint 45 enables financial institutions to lower the cost per transaction, while generating additional revenue from the added transactions and services. By moving these key informational transactions to a self-service device without increasing lines at the ATM, the deployer also enhances the customer experience and increases loyalty."


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