iCom Network, Inc. Announces Deal to Provide

Public Internet Kiosks in Marriott Hotels

SAN DIEGO--March 10, 1999—Accessing the Internet just became easier than ever for business travelers and vacationers at Marriott hotels with the introduction of iCom Network public Internet kiosks.

Marriott International, Inc. has approved installations of iCom Internet kiosks in lobbies, lounges and common areas where guests can access them 24 hours a day. The iCom terminals allow users to surf the World Wide Web, send and receive e-mail, conduct business, make reservations, access America Online, check the weather back home, and more. No laptop computer or other equipment is needed to use the terminals.

"Our kiosks have been developed for anyone, from age eight to 80, to use easily whether they’ve ever even used a computer before," said Eric Wagner, C.E.O. of iCom. "We’re very pleased that Marriott hotels has chosen our system for their public Internet solution. This nicely punctuates the great success we’ve experienced over the past two years."

Wagner launched iCom as an extension of his 11-year-old public payphone business. "I believed that anyone should be able to access the Internet as easily as they use payphones, and without having to spend hundreds of dollars for computer equipment," said Wagner. "Today’s iCom stations fulfill the dream I had when I started."


iCom has provided the kiosks, software and networking backbone for CyberNet Centers, Inc. that had recently completed a one-year beta test in Marriott’s San Diego and Los Angeles International Airport locations. Since then, iCom has fully acquired CyberNet Centers.

Marriott International, Inc. is a leading worldwide hospitality company with over 1,700

operating units in the United States and 53 other countries and territories. The company is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has approximately 131,000 employees.

San Diego-based iCom Network, Inc. is among the nation’s premier providers of public Internet access kiosks, with hundreds of units installed in hotels, tourist centers, cafes, and airports. The company also produces, installs and operates multimedia kiosks designed to offer retail applications, interactive information, communications, entertainment, and electronic commerce. Over the past year and a half, iCom Internet stations have served more than 400,000 users and logged nearly six million paid user minutes.


For more information on iCom Network, please call 619-450-0759, or visit the company’s Web site at www.icomnetwork.com.



iCom Network, Inc.

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