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Viosk(r) System Monitor software for Use in Monitoring Processes

Automatically reboot a computer if a key process locks up or exits! Murphy Software, Inc. is pleased to announce its Viosk(r) System Monitor software for use in monitoring processes on remote, unmanned computers. A datasheet is available at http://www.murphysw.com/vsysmon/ds_vsysmon.htm. Both Viosk System Monitor and its companion hardware, Watchdog 2x00 from Teleswitch Corporation are available now. Contact [email protected] or 503-844-7287 for sales and information.

Managers of remote computers such as kiosks and security systems need to monitor large numbers of dispersed systems with a minimum of time commitment. When systems hang or enter a fault state, the condition needs to be logged and corrected as soon as possible to maximize uptime and system security. Viosk System Monitor runs on your unattended kiosks or other remote computers as a sentry, watching over key processes. At the first sign of trouble it sends you email and can optionally, when used with Watchdog hardware, restart the computer.

Want to use Dial-Up Networking but don't know how to keep a passer-by from messing with your configuration while the dialing progress window is up? How about keeping users from changing the default printer while a print dialog is visible? Do you want to know what unexpected error messages may have appeared from third-party applications on your systems? Viosk System Monitor monitors all window creation and acts upon unwanted windows of various off-the-shelf software components you integrate into your systems. It is very easily configured to meet your precise needs.

Contact Information:
Mark Murphy, President
Murphy Software, Inc.
5920 NE Ray Circle #180, Hillsboro, OR 97124
[email protected] http://www.murphysw.com
voice)503-844-7287 video)503-844-6709 fax)is archaic

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