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News Alert from KIOSKmarketplace.com

Our proud sponsor:

ADs4ATMs announces a Nation wide ATM/Kiosk advertising procurement program. Now recruiting ISO/Distributors for the best turn-key advertising plan in the industry!


** Vendtek updates e-Fresh technology

** Elo monitors move online


It wasn't a stroke of brilliance that led us at NetWorld Alliance to create this cool-looking kiosk site. We're boldly copying the successful formula of our big brother site, ATMmarketplace.com. They wrote the book, er, site that made ours possible, so please take a look at what they've got cooking.

ATM and the Ballot Box
Until the most recent election -- and its aftermath -- most Americans voted using whatever method was provided and thought no more of it. They punched holes in cards, filled in circles on paper ballots and trusted that their votes would be accurately counted. But the fall-out in Florida showed that the methods used to gather and tabulate votes are woefully out of date.

And now a word from our sponsor:

�Why wait around when you the ATM/Kiosk owner can procure your own advertisers and secure a new revenue stream on nearly each and everyone of your ATMs or Kiosks,� says Carl Davidson, President of ADs4ATMs.

ADs4ATMs has anticipated the waiting process for the aggregation of national ad revenue. In response, ADs4ATMs has created a complete �turn-key� ad procurement plan, �The AD Catalyst.� A robust ad generation, creation and delivery program tailored especially for the independent sales organization (ISO). ADs4ATMs provides all the necessary equipment, along with the software, training and support needed to procure local & regional advertising revenues today!

Become part of the ADs4ATMs network and watch your revenue grow. For more details go to http://www.atmmarketplace.com/sf.htm?i=204 or call 1-800-608-6238.

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