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New Product Announcement

March 14, 2002

Las Vegas, Nevada: Hemisphere West announced today the introduction of the APEX 5000 series of bill acceptors to its line of International Currency Validation Products. Designed with the retail and internet kiosk market in mind, the APEX 5000 comes with many new features not found in current bill acceptor designs.

Because of its compact, modular design, the APEX 5000 resists jamming and is ‘user friendly’ for any service application. The APEX 5000 utilizes FLASH memory for simple software upgrades via your Palm or Pocket PC. An advanced diagnostic and configuration software program is also available for your PDA to accommodate complete user control and functionality of the validator while giving instant diagnostics.

All APEX 5000 models provide a ‘True’ RS232 output, no ‘special’ costly cables. Built into the software is our automatic 5 second ‘timeout’ function. If your kiosk goes down, the APEX will not accept notes until the system reboots, avoiding embarrassing situations. The APEX 5000 can also be mounted at most any degree from center allowing you total flexibility in your kiosk design.

Utilizing the latest in sensor technology, all APEX 5000 models provide for the highest levels of security and validation rates which also allow it to validate wet or wrinkled notes. All APEX models validate currency 4 ways.

The APEX 5000 series comes in several model selections including vertical up/down stack and stackerless models. Model selections also include US$1-5, US$1-20, US$1-100 and yes, the APEX 5000 also validates international currencies through 72 mm in width.

The APEX 5000 series is also compatible with the HW200, USB interface module.

For further technical information, contact Hemisphere West.

Website: www.hwlvegas.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +702-284-7153
Fax: +702-284-7154
Contact: John Petkus


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