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  Press Release

Info Touch Technologies Announces The World’s First Clicks and Mortar Advertising Agency

– Clicks and Mortar Media’s mandate: TO MONETIZE DIGITAL CONTENT

Burnaby, BC, March 20, 2002 – Hamed Shahbazi, Chairman and CEO of Info Touch Technologies Corp, (www.infotouch.net) (IFT: CDNX) is pleased to announce the launch of Clicks and Mortar Media Inc., CMMI,(www.cmmi-roi.com) its wholly owned media agency for kiosk and clicks and mortar businesses. In addition to the sale of media advertising with some of the world’s most powerful brands, CMMI will generate help recurring transactional revenue streams by monetizing the interaction between Info Touch’s network of kiosk terminals and the traffic they engage.

CMMI offers highly customized solutions to address diverse market needs across vertical sectors, with areas of focus including Retail, Finance, E-Government and Telecom. CMMI presents independent advertisers and agencies with a variety of opportunities to seamlessly broadcast high impact media rich content to highly targeted audiences. CMMI utilizes media tools including plasma screens, point of purchase monitors, signage panels, and focused audio to provide vendors place based media broadcasting, as well, applications such as couponing, mapping, video teleconferencing, etc help generate additional value. These programs will generate an additional return on investment for Info Touch clients’ kiosk deployments such as Phillips Petroleum, Macs/Couchetard, US Marines Corps and US Navy, etc…

“CMMI's strength is in creatively building actionable bottom line results through an array of on and off-line media tools. Info Touch's Surfnet Premiere is helping us lead the charge in building high impact media campaigns” said Chris Ericksen, EVP for CMMI.

“We have embarked upon a forward thinking initiative to build a business model that incorporates multiple sources of transactional recurring revenues, and move away from traditional kiosk-based ROI models that are solely based on metered access to web services and advertising .stated Hamed Shahbazi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Info Touch”.

About Info Touch

Info Touch is North America’s leading provider of kiosk software based security and management solutions. Surfnet Premiere, its flagship software platform, is the Fortune 1000’s preferred solution for public access. Established in 1997, Info Touch provisions premiere kiosk technology solutions that help drive bottom-line benefits through the convergence of on and offline operations. Current Info Touch clients include Cable and Wireless (Caribbean), MCI WorldCom, Telmex, Chapters Indigo, Future Shop / Best Buy, Macs/Couchetard, Phillips Petroleum, Fairmont Hotels, Chase Manhattan Bank, Merrill Lynch / HSBC, the U.S. Army, Marines Corps and Navy.

About CMMI (Wholly Owned Info Touch Subsidiary)

CMMI (Clicks and Mortar Media Inc.) is a pioneering advertising agency that monetizes access to specialized content. CMMI employs a forward thinking “out-of-the-box” approach to create meaningful, targeted advertising campaigns that deliver ROI. CMMI’s unique approach entails the combination of the “best of both advertising worlds” (i.e. the cumulative benefits of both traditional and Internet based media).

For more information please contact:

Info Touch Technologies Corp.
Behshad Hastibakhsh, Media Relations
Tel: 604.298.4636, Ext. 250
Toll Free: 888.679.3322
Email: [email protected]

Linear Capital Corp.
(Investor Relations - Info Touch Technologies Corp.)
John Lewis
Tel: 416-364-2266
Toll Free: 1-877-600-6001
Email: [email protected]

Chris Ericksen, EVP, CMMI
Tel: 604.298.4636, Ext. 266
Toll Free: 888.679.3322
Email: [email protected]


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