AmeriComUSA Chooses Kiosk Software to Deliver Multimedia Services to its Existing Internet Customers

San Luis Obispo, Calif. –March 19, 1999 – Kiosk Software, Inc. (KSI), an emerging technology company, specializing in the development and distribution of Internet, intranet/extranet-based access technology, today announced a Merger Agreement with AmeriComUSA, Inc. ( Kiosk Software, Inc., combined with AmeriComUSA’s AdCast Division, expands the Internet advertising, electronic commerce and merchandising services provided by AmeriComUSA.

Kiosk Software applications offer businesses and consumers easy access to a variety of goods, services and information through interactive multimedia systems utilizing traditional computer systems and touchscreen technology for input. KSI also lends its expertise to value added resellers to address the self-service opportunities of all markets.

"The public’s widespread acceptance and usage of the Internet has created an industry for point-of-purchase and Internet access kiosks," said Lori Fisher, President of KSI. "Our products, specifically our Kiosk Operating Suite (K/OS) and TerraVista, an Internet access control product, have been developed to respond to the needs of the modern consumer, who now demand convenient access to goods, products, services and information."

"KSI customers will enjoy immediate access to AdCast’s diverse advertising technologies, which generate increased advertising revenue for both current and future kiosk deployments." said Robert Cezar, CEO of AmeriComUSA.

KSI provides development, design and delivery of products and services for the deployment of interactive kiosk software applications. Its flagship products are the Kiosk Operating Suite (K/OS), the kiosk developer tool kit and TerraVista, a product for Internet Access Control. KSI has over five years experience designing applications for electronic commerce and custom multi-media applications for both the educational and retail environments. In addition to specialized software products, KSI has developed turnkey kiosk solutions for a number of vertical markets. KSI’s technology is currently being used by financial institutions, supermarkets and even in county jails, where KSI’s software is used in bail bond-dispensing machines.

Product Overview

K/OS – Kiosk Operating Suite

K/OS is a fully developed kiosk developer tool kit, which includes remote management, usage and event logging, read/write access for standard Open Database Connectivity (ODBC/JDBC) databases and program interfaces to common peripherals. Essentially ready to install out of the box, K/OS enables software programmers to easily create interactive business solutions, maintain hardware and remotely manage public access kiosks. The system is designed to be steadfastly reliable and easy to customize. K/OS can deliver any interactive, multimedia content that can be viewed or played using Microsoft Internet Explorer. The product provides system flexibility through its Java and ActiveX interfaces.

TerraVista – Internet Access Control

TerraVista, an extension of Microsoft’s® Internet Explorer, controls public access on the Internet by serving as a programmable gateway to selected Internet sites. TerraVista gives the system administrator the tools to focus a user’s attention to those portions of the Internet that have been pre-selected and approved. TerraVista constrains the hardware to prevent the user from circumventing the system. TerraVista is a fail-safe solution, ideal for use in academic environments, libraries, correctional facilities, corporate visitor centers and other public areas.

KSI Services Overview

KSI Remote Management Service

KSI provides remote management services to audit, manage and enhance kiosk reliability and performance. After a kiosk application has been placed in the public domain, the service monitors the physical operation of the kiosk and evaluates activities of its customers. Kiosks with K/OS installed maintain log and status information so kiosks can alert technicians when a problem occurs. All kiosks are configured so software diagnostics and repairs can be made remotely. KSI monitors kiosk transactions and produces activity reports for business review and assessment.

Consulting Services

KSI provides a variety of consulting services to assist customers with development and monitoring. Services include concept development, design, project management, programming, support and maintenance. KSI also offers industry-standard hardware and software maintenance contracts that include on-site repairs, upgrades and telephone support.

About Kiosk Software, Inc.

Kiosk Software, Inc., is the leading developer of software products for interactive business applications including the Internet kiosk. Founded in February 1993, Kiosk Software’s K/OS was originally designed for the purpose of marketing multimedia based informational systems for use in the supermarket and other retail industries. A combination of public acceptance and low-cost multimedia technologies has left Kiosk Software well positioned to take advantage of the electronic commerce industry with a thoroughly tested suite of products. KSI is located on the World Wide Web at

About AmeriComUSA, Inc.

AmeriComUSA is the holding company of a family of integrated companies delivering Internet advertising, communications and merchandising solutions. AdCast, a division of AmeriComUSA, delivers timed advertisements that are fully backed by viewer statistics. The AdCast technology controls the number of times an individual sees any advertisement, by day, month, or length of campaign, thereby giving advertisers the ability to target specific audience demographics. These unique features eliminate the "waste factor" presently being experienced with banner advertising. For the first time, Internet advertisers’ problems with Internet advertising have been solved.

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