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Factura Seeks Customer Opinions on Prototype Enclosures at I3 and KioskCom

ROCHESTER, New York (March 24, 1999) -- When it comes to solid product research and development, nothing beats listening to customers and building in their preferences before launching a new product.

Thatís why the Factura Kiosks division of MicroTouch Systems Inc. is planning to use its exhibit booths at the GlobalShop I3 and KioskCom conferences to solicit the opinions of conference visitors about a new generation of ready-to-ship kiosk enclosures. Factura will be demonstrating three prototype models of what will be called Alliance enclosures by Factura, a series of seven modular, upgradable enclosures that are designed to enable kiosk integrators to bring their high-quality solutions to market faster.

Factura intends to use the market research collected at the conferences to make additional design alterations that will contribute to the success of the products when they are launched, beginning in the second quarter. "Listening to our customers and delivering the kind of quality and value they really want is what characterizes Factura and differentiates us from competitors. The In-store Interactive Ideas pavilion at GlobalShop in March and the KioskCom conference in April are two of the industryís best venues where we can capture ideas from a wide range of people in our industry," said Greg Swistak, president of Factura.

Factura will be exhibiting a stand-alone and two slim-profile versions of the Alliance enclosures at these conferences. All of the enclosures will be fully integrated with MicroTouch KioskTouch CRT or flat-panel monitors with metal chassis.

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