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March 23, 1999, Rochester, New York - Factura Kiosks unveils its new interactive web site at www.factura.com. The redesigned Factura web site simulates a user's kiosk experience by driving the user through the site via a critical path method that provides and filters information at multiple levels.

"The web site is more than a point of information," explains Lisa Scibetta, marketing manager for Factura, "but rather it is a vehicle to exercise the user's needs and ideas for a kiosk enclosure solution."

One of the innovative interactive features includes a Kiosk Profiler that is a ten question interview that qualifies the user's enclosure needs and searches the Factura database of ready-to-ship and custom enclosure designs to find the kiosk enclosure that most closely meets the application needs of the user. At the end of the interview, the user can submit the profile to a Factura sales representative who will review the results and contact the user to further discuss his kiosk program requirements.

"I've seen this concept used on web sites by companies that sell customizable or built-to-order products, like bicycles and cars, but not within the interactive kiosk market," comments Scibetta. "I think that this is a natural extension of what we do at Factura…meaning the needs analysis required for every custom enclosure that we develop. That is essentially what the Kiosk Profiler does."

Another unique element of the site is a Custom Kiosk Portfolio. This database driven module contains an inventory of some of Factura's custom kiosk enclosure projects. The on-line showroom uses key word associations on the fields: application, vertical market and client to search and retrieve portfolio information. Each portfolio includes an image of the enclosure, a description of the project and kiosk product specifications. The Portfolio is updated weekly with current custom enclosure projects so that the user will be assured of timely designs and a current customer list.

Another module of the site is a guided tour of Factura's world class design center and comprehensive manufacturing facility. The virtual tour allows the user to gain a better understanding of Factura's design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. By providing logical navigation through the kiosk development process, the user gains an education about the value of expertise within the kiosk market and the kiosk essentials for successful kiosk program implementation. The tour was specifically designed for the use of extensive graphics to support and reinforce the learning process for the user.

In addition, the web site provides corporate information about Factura and MicroTouch, a library of collateral and public relations materials, as well as research statistics and facts about the kiosk market and vertical market applications.

In April, Factura will provide E-commerce capability with on-line purchasing for the new Alliance ready-to-ship enclosures. The user will be able to select from a list of standard components, receive pricing information for his individual configuration and place an order. All major credit cards will be accepted. Upon receipt of the order and confirmation of credit, the Alliance enclosure will ship within 48 hours.

Factura Kiosks, a division of MicroTouch Systems (NASDAQ: MTSI), is the world's leading supplier of kiosk enclosures, specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of ready-to-ship and custom kiosk enclosures.

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