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SAN DIEGO, CA - March 27, 2001, J. Walter Johnson, Chairman of World Wide Wireless Web Corp. ("W4"), (www.w4.net) and Hamed Shahbazi, Chairman and CEO of Info Touch Technologies Corp. (www.infotouch.net) are pleased tojointly announce a strategic alliance agreement to market:

  • promote Info Touch's proprietary software solutions, products and services with W4's satellite wireless solutions.

"We believe this alliance has a reciprocal value for both companiesInfo Touch and W4 definitely have a shared value proposition to enable access to the Internet particularly in remote regions of the world. Info Touch provides the sophisticated front and back end tools that permit system administrators to manage their kiosk networks whereas W4 provides satellite connectivity solutions that enable improved communications to areas where the infrastructure and bandwidth technology are substandard," commented Mr. Shahbazi.

"The objective of both companies is to provide public Internet access all over the world. W4 has a great strategy, and its distribution network will be critical for Info Touch's roll-outs to meet anticipated market demand."

Mr. Johnson agreed: "Info Touch's state-of-the-art Netlock and Surfnet Premiere technologies will advance the marketability of our services. With Info Touch's Internet-enabled kiosks and e-commerce potential, we can crack the digital divide with our distribution network of connectivity services and take the access solutions to the next level."

Both companies plananticipate significant revenue arising from this partnership to realize strong profits from the following collaborative initiatives:

  1. Co-owning, branding and operating public Internet access terminals worldwide
  2. The aggregation, classification and sale of advertising media content on respective markets
  3. Co-marketing respective products and services to existing sales and partner channels.
  4. Co-marketing initiatives such as trade shows, co-developed marketing materials and bundled services.Portal development/management/collaboration;
    b.) Joint sale and management of advertising for respective networks;
    c.) Close coordination of regional and local partnering;
    d.) Joint regional marketing efforts at trade shows, etc. and;
  5. e.) Joint ventures worldwide.

Info Touch is a clicks 'n mortar solution provider, offering Fortune 1000 companies public Internet/intranet access in a secure environment. The Company has developed the world's premier kiosk security and management software package, Surfnet Premiere. Info Touch offers clicks n' mortar solutions that are highly customizable and applicable in virtually every industry segment with areas of focus including Retail, Finance and Government.

Info Touch has an impressive client list, which includes: Alamo Rent-a-Car, Telmex, Burger King Corporation, Chapters Bookstore, Chase Manhattan Bank, DSL.Net/Staples, Future Shop, Subway, Staples, the Pentagon, U.S. Army and signature hotel franchises including: Holiday Inn, Hilton and Marriott.signature hotel franchises including: Holiday Inn, Hilton and Marriott.

W4 is building a worldwide wireless network of W4 Affiliates (commercial and educational users) supported by high speed, cost effective, broadband access to the North American Internet and telecommunications backbone. Through its own W4 branded portals, W4 supports growth of W4 affiliates by providing far superior Internet access coupled with locally attractive content and targeted revenue-based entertainment and business services.

Info Touch Technologies Corp. World Wide Wireless Web Corp

Behshad Hastibakhsh, Marketing Representative Matt Kliber

Tel: 604.298.4636 Ext. 250 Tel: 858: 627-9994

www.infotouch.net E-mail: [email protected]


Linear Capital Corp.

John Lewis, Investor Relations

Tel: 416-364-2266

Toll Free: 1-877-600-6001

E-mail: [email protected]

URL: www.linearcapital.com

The Canadian Venture Exchange has not reviewed this news release and does not accept responsibility for its adequacy and accuracy.


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