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Trademart Launches TaskCenter 1.1 for Windows 2000

Innovative framework application allows organizations to focus their task-centric users

April 3, 2000

LONDON, ON – Trademart™ Technologies Inc. has announced the release of its new version of TaskCenter™, updated for Windows 2000. TaskCenter is the innovative, component-based desktop management application that "locks down" the Windows operating environment and keeps users on task. Regardless of the end-user need, TaskCenter provides workers a safe, reliable and controlled working environment.

TaskCenter includes remarkably easy-to-use design tools that let IT administrators create custom "Workspace" files to meet specific departmental or end-user needs. When deployed to the runtime environment, they arrive “locked down”, preventing users from accidentally accessing the native operating system or application functionality. TaskCenter combines keystroke monitoring and Windows 2000 security features to ensure that workspaces are fully focused on user tasks. Web browsers and e-mail clients are also locked down to approved site lists and addresses. Concerns over e-mail and access to the WWW, once considered a threat to security and productivity, are now a thing of the past.

TaskCenter's control can extend to include navigation within applications and between applications contained in the user’s workspace, providing a single seamless desktop for all job-related tasks. TaskCenter will even remember exactly where its user left off within an application, whether it is in a Windows, DOS or Telnet session. Because TaskCenter integrates DOS, Windows and Unix applications under a common user interface, it allows existing applications to co-exist with new technologies and provides a path for future development with a consistent “look and feel” for the user.

"One of the great strengths of TaskCenter is its broad market appeal,” says David Campbell, Trademart’s Vice President of Partner Services. “TaskCenter can easily adapt to serve the needs of virtually every industry, from retail to healthcare to financial services -- and it’s an ideal solution for the Application Service Provider Industry."

The benefits of TaskCenter can be distributed to any Windows-based client or server operating system including Windows NT and Windows 2000 Terminal Server. TaskCenter can be used in combination with most enterprise management software (e.g. Zero Admin Kit, Microsoft Management Console, etc.).

Trademart will be located in both Compaq and Microsoft booths at the Retail Systems 2000 Conference and Exhibition, to be held April 16-19, 2000 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Retail Systems 2000 is America’s leading showcase for the latest in retail technology.

About Trademart Technologies Inc.

Trademart Technologies Inc. is a world leader in component-based development technology for transaction-based systems. Trademart's, Objectives answers the market's need for highly scaleable, Web-enabled software to meet the needs of B2B and B2C commerce. TaskCenter is Trademart's "go-to" product for Windows desktop management, design and lockdown. TaskCenter’s unique feature set also provides "instant integration" of legacy, Windows and Web applications within the same end-user workspace. Trademart is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider with extensive experience in providing solutions to the Global Retail Community. Product information on Objectives and TaskCenter is provided on the Trademart Technologies web site at www.Trademartgroup.com.

For information, contact:

Trademart Technologies Inc.

David H. Campbell

(519) 672-0251, ext. 242

[email protected]

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