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Australian Developer introduces pre-paid model for public access kiosks.

ETT Access have spent the past 18 months developing their solution for Public Internet Access Terminals based on the principle that users want…in fact demand a broader set of functionality than merely sending and receiving email and surfing web sites.

“They [users] have an increasing need for access to software like Microsoft Office and other tools that allow them to stay productive” said Sean Czinner, CTO at ETT Access. “We are able to provide unprecedented access to these tools in the public arena due to our unique solution called PATLOC.”

PATLOC stands for Public Access Terminal LOCkdown and is deigned to protect not only the system, but the users privacy as well.

In the first instance the user works in a mirrored environment of the PC; this is a controlled and secure area of the operating system that offers full PC functionality. If a user downloads viruses, attempts to delete the Operating System or attempts any other malicious activities the terminal simply needs to be rebooted and it will reset the mirrored environment to its original state. This process overcomes almost all support and maintenance issues

Secondly, during normal operation when the user logs off, the system performs a total disk clean clearing any and all evidence of the user’s session. All cookies, browser history, passwords, PIN numbers and other content, are deleted. Thus when users log off, they are always ensured their session was private.

PATLOC’s PIN activated system ensures that only authorised users have access to the terminals. Each access card has a unique PIN that logs the user on to the terminal to begin each session. PATLOC is based on a pre-paid model where all revenue for the site is earned up front, and all transactions take place through existing mechanisms. This means that there are no coin boxes to empty, usage reports to interpret or commissions to calculate at the end of the month. “Access cards become just like any other inventory item, and offer healthy margins to sites in most cases, depending on the level of infrastructure required.” Said Jeremy Richardson, ETT’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

By partnering with ETT Access, kiosk providers are able to offer a hybrid model to customers that was previously not available. By installing PATLOC, solutions can now include simultaneous:

- Free access to specific web sites for marketing and loyalty purposes
- Pre Paid access to the internet for email and web browsing
- Secure access to productivity tools and any other software as determined by the kiosk provider or site

The PATLOC solution is able to operate anywhere in the world where Internet access is available, and functions on both broadband and narrowband networks.

ETT Access currently supports over 300 terminals in Australia and New Zealand, and that number is growing every day.

“We have enjoyed tremendous success to date with this solution, and interest from overseas suggests we have struck a chord with the market. Our existing sites range from Internet Cafes and Hostels, to fast food restaurants, hotels and service stations. The applications are almost limitless,” said Rob Bridger, CEO of ETT Access.

About ETT Access

Electronic Transaction Technology (ETT) was established in 1998. ETT is a public company registered on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, and trading on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Code ETT).
ETT have operations in Australia and New Zealand and have a growing network of distributors in these regions and in several countries around the world.
ETT Access' primary charter is that of software developer and solutions provider, for public access terminals.
The ETT team are committed to providing a high quality product to Operators and Users alike, and are constantly updating and incorporating the latest improvements available in this rapidly developing technology.

ETT can be contacted on (02) 9290 2777 or email [email protected]


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