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Touch International Rolls Out High-Value Resistive Touchscreens

Targets Point-of-Sale, Industrial Automation, Hand-Held Markets

HANNOVER, Germany and ROUND ROCK, Texas (March 14, 2002) – Touch International, a global supplier of touch-input products, today announced the immediate availability of a full set of high-value resistive touchscreens for point-of-sale, industrial automation, and hand-held applications.

Touch International, founded this year by touchscreen-industry veterans Michael Woolstrum, Bob Senior, and Gary Barrett, unveiled its flagship resistive products today at the international CeBIT technology conference in Hannover, Germany. The product family, based on patented technology, consists of high-durability analog resistive touchscreens and an innovative touch pen.

“We’re ready to deliver in volume to the OEMs and systems integrators world-wide who produce touch-enabled solutions for commercial, industrial, and consumer markets,” said Michael Woolstrum, Touch International CEO. “We’re providing high-quality products, fast delivery, attentive service, applications expertise, and very attractive pricing.”

Available in sizes from 2 to 21 in., Touch International touchscreens can be custom-designed or configured as a drop-in replacement of competitors’ displays. Features include a variety of high-resolution top-sheets, including hardened film for harsh environments; touch response accuracy of 98.5 percent or better, and controllers to support such popular operating systems as Windows, DOS, Linux, Mac, and OS/2.

The product family includes:

* Low-cost, custom-designed 4-wire resistive touchscreens aimed at the growing market for mobile professional and consumer portable communications and computing devices, including personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablet PCs and signature-capture devices, hand-held PCs and Internet devices, geographic positioning systems (GPS), and mobile phones.

* High-durability 5-wire touchscreens have environmental sealing for applications requiring high optical quality and reliability, including point-of-sale displays, industrial control systems, and medical equipment.

* Pen-based, analog resistive touch device designed for applications requiring penpoint touch accuracy, including CAD, handheld PC, industrial control, signature identification, and medical products. With its patented “Smart Touch” feature, the touchpen can distinguish between incidental palm or knuckle pressure and pen input.

“Better By Design”

Through its multi-source partnership strategy, Touch International is able to offer a wide variety and rapid delivery of lower-priced, high-reliability touchscreen products. The company has formed partnerships with leading touchscreen component manufacturers, including eTurboTouch, a developer and manufacturer of computer-input and image-capture devices, with state-of-the-art, high-volume production plants in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

This approach also enables Touch International to use its extensive intellectual capital to provide design services to help customers integrate standard touchscreen products or create customized solutions.

Touch International has adopted the marketing theme of “Better By Design” to differentiate its products and services from competitive offerings. “It’s our way of expressing the added value we’re able to deliver to customers,” said Bob Senior, managing director for Touch International’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa operations.

More information about Touch International products is available at

Touch International


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