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Continuum Technology Corporation



Upgrades to POS Display Product Enhances Customer Service

and Protects Retailer's Investment

Fletcher, NC - Continuum Technology Corporation, a leading manufacturer of interactive customer service devices, has released upgrades to its cs-Link Retail Display Adapter (RDA), Configurator software, and has also released a new model of the cs-Link RDA, which is integrated with either a 12" or 15" flat panel display. Called the cs-Link RDA/FP, the new model provides a highly cost-effective approach to adding a display terminal to the IBM 46xx POS terminal. The integrated package simplifies cabling and saves premium space in the checkout lane or wrap stand where the POS terminal is located. Both models of the RDA are now available with an optional RS 232 connection to the IBM POS terminal.

The RDA features a standard layout to display details of a POS transaction as well as an area which can be used to display the retailer's logo or other graphical images or messages such as product advertising. The Configurator software is used to customize the display layout and contents. The new software release enables the user to quickly and easily define screen layouts to meet specific requirements and screen design criteria.

"The RDA products are prime examples of technology designed to protect the retailers' investment in POS technology by adding state-of-the-art functionality to older generation equipment," says Dan Conti, Continuum President. The cs-Link RDA devices extend the useful life of the equipment, deferring the need for capital to replace existing POS terminals, and increasing the ROI from installed POS equipment.

Continuum Technology Corporation was founded in 1984 as a systems integration company specializing in data collection. Continuum has cultivated an expertise in applying enabling technologies to real world problems and is a leading supplier of high performance POS peripheral devices and kiosk terminals. Continuum--with design, manufacturing, marketing, and service capabilities--delivers a complete line of hardware and software solutions for automated customer service and other transaction processing applications.



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