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Alliance Enclosures are Modular, Durable,

Flexible and Serviceable


San Francisco, Calif. (April 12, 1999) – The Factura Kiosks division of MicroTouch Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: MTSI) is previewing its new Alliance enclosures, their next generation of ready-to-ship kiosk enclosures, at KioskCom ’99.

The Alliance ready-to-ship product line will include four unique enclosures, designed to be modular, durable, flexible and serviceable. The line is ideal for kiosk implementers who want to get their program to market quickly without sacrificing quality. Three of the new Alliance enclosures will be available May 15th. They are the model 1000, a stand-alone version with a list price of $1,240, the 1200 slim profile model, with a list price of $1,099 and a counter top model 1600 with a list price of $599. Factura will roll out the model 1400, a wall mount unit, late in the second quarter. Alliance enclosures are part of Factura’s ready-to-ship product offering, which can be delivered within 48 hours.

"The Alliance line is an excellent choice when you need a unique, eye-catching design and you are on an aggressive time-to-market schedule," said Greg Swistak, president of Factura. "The Alliance line was developed in response to the increasing demand from the industry for a quality ready-to-ship enclosure that is simple to service, durable enough to withstand years of public use, and competitively priced."

Touchscreen Interface

The addition of MicroTouch’s KioskTouch monitors, with ClearTek capacitive technology, makes the system truly user-friendly for the general public. MicroTouch’s industry-leading touchscreen technology is completely unaffected by contaminants on the touchscreen surface, therefore ideal for public use. Touchscreen interfaces make kiosk applications more intuitive and engaging. Both flat-panel and CRT KioskTouch monitors are available. The KioskTouch line of MicroTouch monitors have a unique, fixed-design metal casing, which eliminates the need to accommodate various and often rapidly changing plastic monitor bezels. The metal casing also facilitates easy mounting inside an Alliance enclosure by Factura.

About MicroTouch

MicroTouch is the leading worldwide vendor of touch-input solutions, and the only company able to supply touchscreens for virtually every application. For public access and business systems, the company offers its highly durable ClearTek 3000 capacitive and TouchTek5 5-wire resistive touchscreens and touch-enabled monitors. For mobile professional and consumer products, MicroTouch offers TouchTek4 4-wire resistive touchscreens. For specialty applications, the company offers TouchTekDM digital matrix touchscreens. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch reported sales of $144.4 million in 1998.

Factura Kiosks, a MicroTouch division in Rochester, N.Y., is the leading U.S. supplier of kiosk enclosures, specializing in creative design, engineering and manufacturing. The MicroTouch Business Products Division in the U.S. market leader in touch-enabled digital whiteboards. Its Ibid product line has earned awards from several leading trade publications. The MicroTouch Specialty Products Group, located in Austin, TX, focuses on the development of analog resistive and digital matrix resistive touchscreens. MicroTouch operates, the first Internet-based electronic commerce site devoted exclusively to the sale of touchscreen monitors and related products. The company’s Web site is