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News Release

Lexitech Launches Netkey Users Group Meeting at KioskCom Retail, July 31, 2000, Chicago, IL USA

Branford,CT/San Francisco, CA: During the first day of KioskCom Retail in Chicago, Lexitech Netkey will hold a Netkey Users Group Meeting, on July 31st. At this meeting, you can meet developers and explore how to put Netkey Web Kiosk Software to work within large-scale retail environments. If you would like to attend, please email Marvin Elbaum.

Lexitech Worldwide is presently helping many worldwide dotcoms and eBusinesses deploy their web assets inside storefronts and in public locations. Specifically, Fidelity Investments standardized its in-branch Web kiosks on NetKey and is placing over 300 NetKey-customer kiosks in their U.S. investment centers this year. Lexitech also assisted in the restructuring of Fidelity.com for ease of use by new Web customers. Ames Department Store Borders Books, UrbanFetech.com, FamilyMeds,Com, Service Merchandise, the Denver Pepsi Center and Walgreen's Drug Store are also using Lexitech's patented NetKey software to supplement their in-store operations through customer activated web terminals. In addition, Lexitech is partnering with several hardware companies, such as NCR, Compaq, Elotouch and Microtouch, as well as with software giant Microsoft , to expand the worldwide reach of its patented NetKey web terminal solution. Employers are also becoming Web-savvy and adopting a clicks-n-mortar strategy with NetKey, in order to reach thousands of employees without Web access via corporate intranets. The US Veteran's Affairs falls within this category, as it is slated to install 2,000 NetKey-powered terminals this year in VA hospitals for improving employee communication. It joins the ranks of Microsoft, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Critical Path and Boeing Credit Union, who are also utilizing Lexitech's NetKey software for similar purposes.

About Lexitech
Lexitech, based in Branford, Connecticut, and San Francisco, is the worldwide leader in Internet solutions and self-service Web terminal systems applications. Lexitech's vision is deliver customers to dotcoms through in-store web marketplaces. A report by Frost & Sullivan predicts the installed base of self-service terminals will accelerate in the next few years, from 65,000 units in 1997 to approaching 500,000 units in 2003 in the United States alone. Lexitech's research indicates a US Market for Five Million Web Terminals.

Lexitech Investors include Zerostage Capital, (http://zerostage.com), iXL Ventures (NASDAQ: IIXL), the world leading web IT firm based in Atlanta and Cyberstarts Venture, Atlanta.

With over a decade of experience, Lexitech has won more than a dozen awards in the industry, including: Internet World's Top 100 Internet Sites; five New Media Magazine awards and the prestigious Top 100 New Media Producer award from Multimedia Producer Magazine. Lexitech's Web kiosk software platform, NetKey, is designed for large enterprise, secure customer access to in-store Web applications. NetKey is in use by over 500 companies worldwide, including Fidelity Investments, Microsoft Corporation, Kennedy Center, Army Navy Store, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Allied Signal, Cablevision, Warner Lambert, and the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. More information on Lexitech can be found on the company's Web site at www.lexitech.com.

Founded at Yale University, Lexitech is co-sponsor of the kiosk industry's Kioskcom show. For more information, please contact: [email protected] Marvin Elbaum, or call 800/443-7924 x 200.

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