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Lexitech Releases NetKey FE Public Web Browser Software for Kiosks

Newest Version of Web Kiosk Software Now Available for Free

SAN FRANCISCO/BRANFORD, CT - April 12, 1999 - Lexitech(r) Inc., a leading developer of
web-based software and applications, today announced at KioskCom '99 the release of
NetKey(r) FE, a free version of the patented kiosk software in use by thousands of
organizations worldwide including Fidelity, Microsoft, Kennedy Center, Bayer
Pharmaceuticals and the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame.  

NetKey FE easily transforms a company's web content into a web kiosk for use by customers
or employees.   NetKey-powered web kiosks provide information and transaction capability in
the following areas job listings, HR information, product catalogs, public e-mail, retail
point-of-sale, and government information.  For instance, a company can create a NetKey
kiosk in the lobby or any public area of its office as a company directory, to post job
listings, take job applications, or allow for changes to company benefits.   

"NetKey FE is the perfect starting point for companies wishing to explore the world of
web-based kiosks, but not wanting to invest the time or money for full development," said
Alexander Richardson, president and CEO of Lexitech.  "Once companies see the power of
public web terminals, Lexitech's family of Netkey software offerings allow a company to
provide an single or multi web terminal ."

NetKey FE is designed to allow the average Windows User to create a web kiosk in under 15
minutes.  After only a two-step setup, the customer is equipped with a secure kiosk
environment that allows non-computer users to navigate through their web content.  The
software includes a custom browser interface, a pop-up on screen keyboard, basic URL
restrictions to prevent downloading and program launches,  and a variety of administrative

For the large-scale web kiosk customer, Lexitech's award winning product,  Lexitech NetKey
3.0, provides a set of full web kiosk customization capabilities required for enterprise
sizes kiosk projects.  Features include a complete customizable graphic interface, attract
loop, multimedia capabilities, full URL control, and system protection. 

For more information and to download NetKey FE, visit http://www.lexitech.com/netkey/fe.
An evaluation copy of NetKey 3.0 is also available at http://www.lexitech.com/netkey.

About Lexitech

Lexitech, based in Branford, CT and San Francisco, is a worldwide leader in Internet
solutions and self-service web terminal systems applications.  Lexitech's vision is "To
Turn the Monitor Around" and provide clients with the tools necessary to create closer
relationships with their customers, employees and partners.  A report by Frost & Sullivan
predicts the installed base of self-service terminals will accelerate in the next few years
from 65,000 units in 1997 to approaching 500,000 units in 2003 in the U.S. alone.

With over a decade of experience, Lexitech has won more than a dozen awards in the
industry, including: Internet World's Top 100 Internet Sites; five New Media Magazine
awards and the prestigious Top 100 New Media Producer award from Multimedia Producer
Magazine.   Lexitech web kiosk software platform, NetKey, is designed for customized,
secure public access to your web applications.  The software provides the complete
graphical, multimedia, and security capabilities necessary for the development of
full-featured web kiosk applications.  NetKey is in use by over 500 companies worldwide
including Fidelity Investments, Microsoft Corporation, Kennedy Center, Army Navy Store,
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Allied Signal, Cablevision, Warner Lambert, and the U.S. Department
of Veterans' Affairs.  More information on Lexitech can be found on the company's website
at http://www.lexitech.com.

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