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MicroTouch Introduces 19-Inch IBM Touchscreen Monitor

Expanded Alliance Brings New IBM G Series Capacitive Touch Monitor


METHUEN, Mass. (April 15, 1998) -- MicroTouch® Systems, Inc.

(NASDAQ: MTSI), the leader in comprehensive touchscreen solutions, today introduced the IBM G94 19-inch touchscreen monitor. The new monitor, which incorporates MicroTouch's ClearTek® capacitive touchscreen, is the latest product stemming from a partnership the two firms entered into last year.

MicroTouch is a worldwide distributor and master reseller of IBM G Series monitors enabled with touch technology, offering these products through IBM's existing distribution channels to provide rapid response to customer orders for high-quality touch-input solutions. Today's announcement marks the first time MicroTouch has introduced the touchscreen model coincident with IBM's announcement of the standard monitor.


"Our partnership with IBM continues to flourish as more IBM customers recognize the value, applicability, and convenience of our touchscreen in their business solutions," said Janet Muto, vice president of marketing for MicroTouch.

"The partnership also means that our customers can rely on IBM's worldwide service, support, and systems integration expertise -- capabilities which are especially important to businesses in the burgeoning market for networked public-access kiosks," Muto said.

Application Features and Benefits

IBM G94 monitors with MicroTouch's ClearTek capacitive touch technology are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. These include education, retail, manufacturing, medical, banking/financial, government, entertainment, and the rapidly growing public-access kiosk market, where environmental contaminants and rough handling commonly occur. The larger viewing area and flatter surface of the G94 make it easier to view graphical information, and MicroTouch's capacitive touch technology resists scratching, is impervious to dirt, water, grease, and chemicals.

"The new 19-inch G94 touch monitor is the largest in our highly successful G Series family of touch solutions. We expect it to be very popular with customers who want to deploy a larger monitor that retains the outstanding clarity and durability for which the IBM G Series is known," said Muto.

The new G94 capacitive touch monitor runs on Windows, DOS, and OS/2-based platforms. The 19-inch monitor provides a 17.9-inch viewable image. It complements previously announced IBM G Series touch monitors available in 14-, 15-, and 17-inch sizes.

Availability and Pricing

The IBM G94 touchscreen monitor will be available for worldwide commercial shipment from MicroTouch in June. The product includes the monitor, fully-integrated with a ClearTek capacitive touch sensor, controller, and TouchWare software drivers for Windows 3.x and Windows 95. List price is $1,899 each, with volume discounts available.

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