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Welcome to the Netkey News!

At Netkey, our enthusiasm for discovering and sharing innovative Web kiosk concepts supports the importance we place on timely and effective service for you. We are here to help you expand the reach and potential of your business by enabling closer interactions with your customers. One of the ways we do this is by keeping you up to date on the latest kiosk trends and technologies, which is why we have developed this new monthly newsletter for your enjoyment and education.

Best regards,
Alex Richardson
President and CEO, Netkey

Netkey Recognized as Premier Kiosk Software Provider by Frost & Sullivan

Independent analysts Frost & Sullivan have recognized Netkey as the market share and technology leader for kiosk software. "Netkey has become the premier provider of kiosk software," said Rufus Connell, Frost & Sullivan Industry Manager. "Netkey recognized an opportunity in the Internet market and has capitalized on it by securing many key accounts including Microsoft, Fidelity Investments, Borders Books, and Yahoo!"

Netkey is Top Sponsor of KioskCom 2000 in Orlando

Visit us at Booth # 121 at the kiosk industry's major event, KioskCom 2001, April 22-25 in Orlando, FL. Learn more about new Netkey products and discover how we can help you achieve your business goals through a successful multi-channel sales strategy that includes Internet kiosks.

Netkey Collaborates with Innovative Grocer to Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs

Many large retail chains have discovered that Web-enabled kiosks dramatically enhance their customer service capabilities. Now, smaller businesses are finding value in offering customers self-service options. Specialized retailers like Bishop's Orchards in Guilford, Conn. are leveraging Netkey's scalable technology to provide top-notch customer service at a low cost.

Using Netkey Creator, Keith Bishop, the market's fifth generation owner, created a kiosk that allows customers to use his Web site (www.bishopsorchards.com) to register for his grocery store loyalty program, order gift baskets and specialty items, and learn more about the business.

"The kiosk is like having an additional helping hand," notes Bishop. "Customer service has always been an essential factor in the success of the market over the past 130 years. Netkey's kiosk solution has enabled us to bring our customer service into the twenty-first century."

Get the Most from Your Netkey Software with Netkey Training

Classroom training is available by request for Netkey customers and authorized developers. Netkey's trainers will teach you how to operate, troubleshoot, and build robust and user-friendly kiosk systems using Netkey products. From our basic kiosk configuration software (Netkey Creator) to our kiosk network management solution (Netkey Manager), you will learn a wide array of useful skills to help make your kiosk project a success. To schedule a training session, or for more information about Netkey training, please e-mail Netkey's training team at [email protected] Pricing is available by request and varies based on the number of students who will attend and the location of the training site.

Tech Tip of the Month: How to Trigger a Pop-Up Keyboard

You can trigger a customized, definable pop-up keyboard on Netkey Creator that enhances user access and opens communications within your Netkey kiosk system. The on-screen keyboard is a set of individual button objects configured to send keystrokes to the Web Browser when clicked. The easiest method to include an on-screen keyboard is to begin with the default.ntk file included with the software package and modify around the keyboard screens by a simple drag and drop. The keyboard screens are additional Internet Browser Screens linked by Button objects.





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