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Welcome to The Touch Monitor, an electronic newsletter
created to keep you informed of the latest product
announcements, technology briefs, channel updates, and
application notes from Elo TouchSystems, Inc. Please
send any comments or ideas for future articles to
[email protected] or call 800-356-8682.

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In This Issue

1. Elo Wins "Best Business Partner Execution Excellence" 
   Award from Target Corporation
2. New 18.1" Entuitive LCD Touchmonitor
3. Elo Introduces iTouch Technology on New iMac and Wins 
   Prestigious 4-Mice Award from Macworld
4. Elo's 1500L Series of 15" LCD Entuitive Touchmonitors 
   Are "Designed for Touch"
5. Elo and ShortCuts Help Australian Hair Salons Get 
6. Elo is Apple's First Touchscreen VAR for Education
7. See Elo at Upcoming Trade Shows and Events

1. Elo Wins "Best Business Partner Execution
   Excellence" award from Target Corporation
Target Corporation recently named Elo a winner of its
prestigious "Best Business Partner Execution Excellence" 
award. The award goes to Target partners who 
"anticipate and communicate problems up front, meet 
deadlines, and comply with standards, policies and 
procedures, while exceeding expectations for great
service, high quality, and low cost." Elo achieved the
award after more than satisfactorily responding to an
urgent need from Target for 1,800-plus touchmonitors
to be built and installed in Target's "Club Wedd"
interactive, online bridal registry kiosks. According
to Target, Elo's response to Target's needs "certainly
demonstrated execution excellence." For more 
information, please go to:

2. New 18.1" Entuitive LCD Touchmonitor
We've added a new member to the popular Entuitive
touchmonitor family in the shape of the 18.1" LCD
desktop touchmonitor. Available with both IntelliTouch
(surface wave) and AccuTouch (resistive) touch 
technology, the new LCDs are designed for use in
applications such as point-of-information (POI), light
industrial control rooms and retail kiosk applications. 
The 18.1" Entuitive LCD touchmonitors are available now 
and come with speakers, tilt-and-swivel, and are sealed 
to protect against splashed liquids, dirt or dust. For 
more information, go to:

3. Elo Introduces iTouch Technology on New iMac and
   Wins Prestigious 4-Mice Award from Macworld
Apple's recent enhancements to the iMac make it the
perfect tabletop interactive display. The new iMac has
faster graphics and multimedia processor with new,
improved speakers. The all-in-one form saves space and
attracts attention with its sleek, colorful industrial
design. And Elo's addition of iTouch "touch-on-tube"
technology makes the iMac the most cost-effective way
for retailers to use an interactive display for in-store 
e-tailing, additional sales and better service. In fact, 
at a list price of just $1685 for the blueberry, 350 MHz 
iMac with iTouch, there's never been a better 
price-point to put an all-in-one interactive kiosk on 
your desktop, tabletop or countertop.

Elo's iMac with iTouch was recently praised in Macworld, 
where it was awarded a prestigious 4-Mice accolade in 
the March 2000 issue product review. For more 
information on the Macworld award, go to:
For more information on iMac with iTouch, go to:

4. Elo's 1500L Series of 15" LCD Entuitive Touchmonitors 
   Are "Designed for Touch" 
Each member of Elo's 1500L series of 15" LCD Entuitive
desktop and kiosk touchmonitors is "designed for touch" 
and together they create a strong differentiation with 
existing touchmonitors that typically were based on 
standard desktop displays with touch added. The 1525L 
desktop model comes with your choice of Elo's two 
leading touch technologies: AccuTouch five-wire 
resistive ideal for point-of-sale (POS), light 
industrial and medical applications, or IntelliTouch 
surface wave ideal for retail applications, process 
control rooms and clean industrial plants. The 1545L 
kiosk model is mountable for interactive kiosks and 
comes with Elo's proven SecureTouch surface wave 
technology. The high level of ruggedness inherent in 
SecureTouch technology makes it the perfect solution for 
every kiosk application. All models are available with 
either serial or USB touch interfaces. For more 
information, go to:

5. Elo and ShortCuts Help Australian Hair Salons
   Get Ahead
Adding that "finishing touch" is now more than just
styling hair for salons in Australia. Thanks to a
combination of ShortCuts business management solutions
and Elo LCD and CRT touchmonitors equipped with
AccuTouch touchscreens, salons like Kusco Murphy,
Kudos Fitzroy and Debonhair find that keeping in touch
with the day-to-day running of their business is easier, 
simpler, and faster. "Stylists are very tactile and 
spatially/visually oriented, so interacting with a 
computer by touching the screen is the most natural 
thing in the world for them," says Kusco Murphy Salon 
owner, Linley Godfrey. In fact, salons find that the 
touchscreen interface makes it easy for their employees 
to learn and use the business management systems, and 
that customer transactions are faster. "I'm 
computer-illiterate," says Natuzza Mazzitelli, owner of 
Kudos Fitzroy Salon, "so I insisted on the touchscreen 
because I was more comfortable with it than with a mouse 
and keyboard." Elo touchscreens are distributed and 
supported throughout Australia by Redflex Touchscreens 
Pty. Ltd. For more information, go to:

6. Elo is Apple's First Touchscreen VAR for Education
Elo is now authorized by Apple to be an Education
Solution Provider (ESP) Value Added Reseller (VAR). In
fact, we are the first and only ESP VAR authorized to
sell a touch-enabled version of the popular iMac into
the education market. Key features for education include 
pre-installed touch drivers, factory calibration, and 
touch built into the display with no clip-on overlays 
for children to remove. The early feedback has been 
excellent. Connecticut-based Onion Mountain Technology, 
Inc. is a special education consultancy who have been 
using the iMac with iTouch in training special 
educators, speech therapists and occupational therapists 
for the past few months. "It has truly been a success 
everywhere I've shown it," says Judith Sweeney, Onion's 
owner. For more information, go to:

7. See Elo at Upcoming Trade Shows and Events
April 17-20: 
 Las Vegas, NV
 Booth #201

April 17-19: 
 Retail Systems
 Chicago, IL
 Booth #1929

April 27-30: 
 Control System Integrators Association (CSIA)
 Williamsburg, VA

May 9-11: 
 Greenville, SC

May 14-19: 
 Society for Information Display (SID)
 Long Beach, CA
 Booth #146

May 24-25: 
 Healthcare Informatics
 Chicago, IL
 Booth #1507

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