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                         MicroTouch TouchTidbits

            the periodic News & Noteworthy E-mail Newsletter
         from MicroTouch Systems, the Global Standard in Touch.

The following departments

* The Latest in Touch - 150 million touches
* Special Product Feature - TouchStation
* Spring Trade Show Schedule
* Recent Touch Application Stories
* Recent Press Releases
* MicroTouch World Newsletter, Spring Issue

appear below.

THE LATEST IN TOUCH - 150 million touches and counting
ClearTek 3000, the industry's most durable touchscreen has set a
new standard in touchscreen reliability. Ongoing tests show that the
touch responsiveness of ClearTek 3000 touchscreens is unaffected by
150 million touches in any one location and still counting. That's
100 million more touches than the published counts of any other
touchscreen on the market. Stay tuned for an updated touch count in the
June issue of TouchTidbits. Information about ClearTek 3000 touchscreens
is available at http://www.microtouch.com/mtmedia/pdf/ClearTek3000.pdf.

TouchStation, the touch-enabled iMac has been upgraded to incorporate
Apple's iMac DV/400MHz processor and 350MHz processor. Both
TouchStations feature CleanScreen antibacterial touchscreen protection
at no extra cost. These TouchStations are available on TouchStore.com -
MicroTouch's e-commerce site dedicated to touch products - at $1,951 for
the 400MHz and $1,596 for the 350MHz versions. Check out these links for
information on TouchStore.com, http://www.touchstore.com, or
TouchStation, http://www.microtouch.com/mtmedia/pdf/TouchStation.pdf

See MicroTouch at these Spring trade shows:

April 16-19     Retail Systems 2000
                - http://www.retailsystems.com/ConfExpos/RS2000
April 17-20     KioskCom 2000
                - http://www.kioskcom.com
May 14-19       Society for Information Display Conference (SID)
                - http://www.sid.org/conf/conf.html

TouchStation Opens Window to Washington - Government Education Center

Chamber Works Kiosks Provide Around-the-clock Information
- Chamber Works

The House Always Wins with Touchscreen Technology
- funworld

Satellite Video Jukeboxes Overcome Technology Hurdles
- Sound Leisure

SAM Stays Up All Night
- Volkswagen

Game, Set, and Match with Touchscreen Technology
- Wimbledon

Touchscreen Technology Gives New Voice to Musical Exhibit
- The Field Museum of Natural History

MicroTouch's Ibid 2.0 Software Brings New Functionality To
Ibid Electronic Whiteboards

MicroTouch Launches World's First Touch-Enabled iMac with CleanScreen
Antibacterial Protection

MicroTouch Launches Antibacterial-Protected Touchscreens

February 2000 issue is now available online at

Volume III, Number 1, February 2000 features touch stories about:

CleanScreen antibacterial protection for touchscreens
What do some brands of diapers, carpeting, surgical drapes, hosiery,
sponges, home air filters, and computer touchscreen displays have in
common? The answer is, an effective, durable, and safe method of
controlling and protecting against bacteria and other microorganisms.

Customers and industry see value in CleanScreen
Positive feedback from CleanScreen surveys, customers, and industry
spokespeople confirmed end users and integrators from a variety of
industries - including financial, medical, restaurant, gaming/
ntertainment, retail, education, kiosk, and more - see value in
antibacterial touchscreens.

Volkswagen speeds up customer service
Volkswagen offers 'round-the-clock' customer service with its
touch-enabled Service Auto-Mat (SAM), an innovative self-service
terminal developed by Siemens Nixdorf.  SAM makes checking a car in
for service much easier and is as simple to use as an ATM.

New TouchStation based on 400MHz Apple iMac DV
The new TouchStation is based on the iMac DV with a 400MHz PowerPC
G3 processor, and features CleanScreen antibacterial protection.
MicroTouch has fully integrated the iMac DV with its ClearTek 3000
capacitive touchscreen without compromising the iMac's aesthetics,
high performance, or viewing area.

Customer approval
"Ibid added a dimension to my communications capabilities I am still
learning to appreciate.  I'm not generally one who raves about a product;
I REALLY need to be impressed.  Your product has demonstrated
functionality, facility, and reliability. I endorse it without
reservation," said John Fields, Vice President of Patient Care Services
for Central Maine Medical Center.

In touch with the president
"At the heart of our strategy is a simple goal: MicroTouch will be the
touchscreen company that our worldwide customers, partners, and suppliers
want to do business with because we provide the industry's most reliable,
highest quality, and best value products and services," said Wes Davis,
MicroTouch President and CEO.

Touch gives Diverse Yachts the winning edge
Diverse Yacht Systems (UK), a leader in the installation of electronic
systems for raceboats and cruising yachts, recently chose MicroTouch
touchscreens to give racing yachts a winning edge. The company's
Racevision multifunctional touchscreen unit has been installed on a
number of race-winning yachts and will be used by more than half of
the America's Cup competitors.

Wimbledon scores with touch
Wimbledon organizers and IBM - the official Championship technology
provider for ten years - installed MicroTouch-enabled flat panel
displays to improve its information service to journalists demanding
up-to-the-second information.

Fire the butler, SmartLinc is on the job
It's seems like a movie... a touchscreen panel controlling virtually
every major appliance and function in the home - lights, home theater,
security, thermostats, and more.   Sound futuristic? It's here - today -
from SmartLinc™.  Using proven home automation technology,
SmartLinc offers its 'TouchLinc' products at prices in reach of
middle-class homeowners.

Sound Leisure brings jukeboxes into the space age
Jukeboxes have been a familiar feature in pubs and bars for some time.
Recently, their popularity has been declining as people found other ways
to access their favorite music. Jukebox manufacturer, Sound Leisure, is
set to change that trend with its Starlight Satellite touchscreen-enabled
jukebox. This futuristic unit is the world's first digital satellite video

Access Internet anywhere
VideoNET, a currency-operated public-access Internet terminal, gives all
users the ability to take advantage of the latest technology. It's built
to provide endless entertainment, communications, and educational
opportunities for everyone.

Auto dealership stops traffic with touchscreen kiosk
Conventional market research is often slow to produce results and can
provide questionable data. Miracom Corporation's Miratouch system solves
this problem by providing immediate marketing data. Miratouch offers
auto dealership visitors incentives to answer demographic and marketing
questions from a free-standing custom kiosk with a 15-inch touchscreen
display from MicroTouch.

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